How to protect your pet in an emergency

Posted on March 30 2018

How to protect your pet in an emergency
As we know natural disasters occur at any time and in these situations it is important to be prepared. If you have pets it is advisable to design an evacuation route and an emergency kit.
How to protect your pet in an emergency?
  1. Know the warning systems of your locality and the alert phases of each natural disaster.
  2. Get a rescue alert sticker and stick it in a visible place, this to indicate that you have pets at home. 
  3. Design an evacuation route for emergencies. Make sure you do a simulation so that both your family and your pet can know the way. 
  4. Accustom your pet to enter and leave the carrier cage so that it does not show resistance in case of an evacuation. 
  5. Make sure your pet has an ID or chip with updated data, so you can locate it in any emergency. 
  6. Keep all deworming information and vaccines in a safe place, it is important in case of disaster you can check the health of your pet. 
  7. Keep current printed or digital photos, to use in case they get lost. 
  8. Organize an emergency kit for your pet *
What to bring in your pet's emergency kit?
  • Non perishable food
  • Bottles or thermos with water
  • Transporter with blanket and toy.
  • Strap and Collar. 
  • Copy of vaccination card
  • Bags for waste or newspaper
  • External antiseptic, repellent, painkillers and a pack of gauze 
  • Ampoules or treatments for fleas and ticks
  • Special medications (in case your pet needs them)

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