How to recognize if your cat is pregnant?

Posted on December 11 2018

How to recognize if your cat is pregnant?

Your cat is waiting for one or more kittens? Congratulations. You must prepare for it. It is not so easy to know if your cat is pregnant. How to do ? All our tips.

Your cat has not been sterilized and falls pregnant . At least you're not sure yet. Moreover, during the first days, there will be no visible symptoms on your cat. Even his behavior will remain the same. At the limit, you should have anticipated before. Because if your cat got pregnant, it's because she was in heat before.

A pussy in heat

The first heat of a cat arrive around 7 months , at the time of puberty . Nevertheless, it is difficult to predict with certainty its periods of heat. In general, a cat is several times in heat between January and October. But for Siamese, for example, a majority of them are in heat all year round.

When she experiences a period of heat, usually 2 to 3 weeks, your cat will change her behavior . It will meow more at night, it will not stay long, it shows a more cuddly character. This is when she may become pregnant if she has not been sterilized.

Once pregnant

The pregnancy of a cat lasts an average of 9 weeks , ie between 60 and 70 days . The first signs of pregnancy are not obvious. As a rule, they arrive after 2 to 3 weeks . On your side, if in doubt, do not hesitate to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. This will be the only way to be sure.

Your cat will have to make fewer and fewer trips during the nights, if she used to do it. Physically, you will notice a magnification of her nipples , which will also take on a pink hue.

In the middle of pregnancy , the belly of your cat will become larger. There will be no room for doubt. Indeed, until this stage, nipple magnification can also be a sign of heat in the cat.

Then, the behavior of your cat can evolve. She can be as gentle and in need of affection as she is more aggressive . In any case, the delivery is not very far ...

To the vet

You do not want to be in doubt, go to your vet. After a fortnight, a veterinarian is able, feeling the belly of your cat, to feel an embryo . If need be, he can give him an ultrasound . In addition, you will have the exact number of embryos and therefore the number of kitten waiting for your cat.

In summary

The symptoms of a pregnant cat arrive rather late. Initially, they can be likened to a period of heat. In any case, it will have to go through it to make it fruitful. Then, you will see physical signs indissociable from the pregnancy. The best way to know for sure is to go to your veterinarian, who will perform a clinical examination.

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