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How to remove the knots from the hair of your dog?

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Posted on April 02 2018

If you have a long-haired dog, you have already seen that it is very common for them to get tangled and knotted.

If this happens to you, do not despair, removing the knots is not as difficult as it seems and it is something that you will have to do more than once so it is better that you learn some tips to make your life easy and so that your dog always looks impeccable .

The right tools :

  • Conditioner for dogs
  • Metal tooth comb
  • Soft bristle brush

Scissors or shaver (only for extreme cases)
Remember that this process has to be something nice for your dog so make sure he is comfortable, give him some prizes and make him caresses and never hurt him by trying to undo a knot.


1. Brush your dog with the soft bristle brush. Do not dry brush it, before starting wet your hair a little with a detangling spray made of 1 part of conditioner and 3 parts of water.

2. Brush small sections. Just like when the stylist cuts your hair into sections, the same applies to your dog. Do not try to undo the knots at the same time, divide the hair and attack one knot at a time.

3. Experts recommend that when you brush a knot never brush more than 10 times the same area. That is, brush 10 times and change knots and then come back in case you have not finished untangling. Brushing an area more than recommended can hurt the dog or irritate the skin.

4. For small knots use your fingers to separate it and when it is unraveled, brush it with the metal tooth comb.

5. For medium knots, use the metal tooth comb. The trick here is not to pull the knot straight from the skin but to stop the base of the hair with your fingers and brush the top to avoid hurting your dog.

6. For the larger knots you can use a special detangling device which is cut in the knot to untangle it better.

7. Scissors or razors should only be used in very extreme cases because the risk of the dog moving and being cut can be very high. If your dog has knots that require more than a simple brush or comb, maybe it is advisable to take it to a professional aesthetic where they can take care of the knots.

8. Keep calm , knots tend to get the worst out of us because we get frustrated. If your dog feels that you are angry and frustrated he will think that it is with him and he will feel uncomfortable or he will not let you do it. This has to be a positive experience for both.

9. Give your dog a special prize , something to eat that makes him happy and a walk. It is important that your dog relates the hairstyle sessions with good things.

10. Keep the sessions short , it is better to have several sessions of knots than a very long one.

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