How to take care of your dog from the cold

Posted on April 17 2018

How to take care of your dog from the cold

There are certain breeds of dogs that are designed to withstand the cold, such as huskies, San Bernardo, old English shepherds and any mestizo with a thick and long coat. However, there are other races that have a very bad time because they are very cold.

Whatever it is, all dogs must have certain care during the cold season so that they are healthy and so that they do not suffer it. Here we will give you some tips on how to help your dog this winter.

1. Buy her a sweater
Depending on your type of hair and your way of being, naturally cold or hot, you can choose a sweater or a coat that you can use when going for a walk or even to use inside the house. Pet N Go has several options like this coat or this skier jacket that will keep you very warm.

2. Buy a bed
If your dog does not yet have a bed , this is the best time to buy one. If it is very cold look for one of the ones that are like stuffed so you do not suffer from cold at night. Here are some options that you may like. Once you buy it, here are some tips so you can teach it how to use it.

3. Take him out for a walk
Moving the body always helps to remove the cold. Your dog also needs to exercise so that he does not get rheumatism and to stay active to fight the cold. Make sure you have everything you need to walk it, like a good strap, necklace and plate.

3. Make sure you can take some sun.
Look for that corner in your house where a bit of sun comes in and make sure it is free so that your dog can lie there for a while. The sun does dogs a lot of good, not only takes away the cold but helps them absorb vitamin D and calcium in the bones.

3. Give him a tea
If you see that you have a lot, very cold, you can help him by giving him a warm chamomile tea (NOT HOT) so he can take it and that helps him feel better.

4. Cuddle it
At night, make sure it is covered with a blanket so you can keep warm and can dream of balls and prizes.

5. A small house
If your dog sleeps in the garden, it is very important that you have a small house where you can shelter from the cold, no matter how furry it is, all dogs need a closed place where they can ball in the night and sleep peacefully without cold. If your dog already has a small house, make sure you have a little bed or a little blanket inside to make it more comfortable. Here are some options that you may like. And, if it's too cold, consider letting him sleep inside the house, which is what we will always recommend.

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