How to take care of your dog's hair

Posted on April 18 2018

How to take care of your dog's hair

The hair of a dog says a lot about his state of health . The coat, beyond the exterior care, reflects the condition of the dog from the inside so diet will always be the most important factor in good hair. However, there are several tips that can help make your dog's hair look better , especially when they have long coats that tend to get tangled and end up looking like dreadlocks.

1,How to make your hair shine
Again, the important thing here is the nutrition of the dog . That is the basis of a good coat. In addition, to make your hair shine more you can follow the following tips:

Make sure you rinse it very well when you bathe it. Many times the soap in the hair can dull it and cause a little dandruff when it dries.

  • Put some coconut oil on it . Coconut oil is a wonder, in fact you can also use it to polish your hair and moisturize the scalp. Put a small amount on the base of the head and brush it to spread it well on the body. This will also make it smell delicious. 

  • In fact, you can give her a teaspoon daily of coconut oil (which she also loves) to supplement her diet, prevent allergies and improve her skin and hair from the inside.

2,How to untangle a knot
The key: patience .
Those dogs do not like this so you have to be patient and do it slowly to avoid pull you hair your dog and make him hide under the bed. First calm your dog and make sure he feels comfortable so that this does not end in a chase.

  1. Use a conditioner or detangling for dogs . In Mexico you can get one here . This will help you make the knot less rebellious. If you do not get one, you can use an oil to brighten human hair, such as argan oil or coconut oil 
  2. Divide and win . Try first to divide the knots into large pieces and work on each piece at a time. Your dog may not let you unravel completely but you can do it little by little.
  3. Use your fingers to chop the knot. Do not try to pull it, this will only entangle it more. You can also use the stick of a comb very carefully and try to separate the tangled hairs little by little. We recommend starting on the sides and not in the center, as this will make it easier to release the trapped hair.
  4. Use a comb or brush to loosen the knot. It is better to use one with the teeth separated so that it is easier to chop the knot. Every time you manage to unravel a piece, brush it to prevent it from being part of the knot again. Make sure to put your hand between the knot and the skin of your dog to avoid scratching it.
  5. When you manage to eliminate the knot, brush the area well to avoid knots trapped in the base of the hair and as a snowball grow back to become a rasta.

3,How to avoid pulling hair all over the house.
Dogs change their hair at least twice a year, so you've probably noticed that there are times when the amount of hair you find at home is not real. So that you do not suffer from hairs even in the soup, when you see that you are pulling more hair, brush it more often .

It does not matter if your dog has short or long hair, all dogs need to be brushed. The length of the hair only dictates the frequency , the longer, it needs to be brushed more times.

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