How to take the temperature of your cat

Posted on December 13 2018

How to take the temperature of your cat

Your cat does not necessarily look good. You find him weak, lethargic. He does not eat much anymore. He sneezes or coughs more than usual. It may be a small cold or, if unvaccinated, may have caught the common cold. You want to check his body temperature and know if he has a fever, but you do not know how to do it. We give you all the necessary advice.

The taking of temperature, in itself, is rather simple . It's the reaction of your feline that is unpredictable. Moreover, it is recommended not to act alone to know if your cat has a fever or not. Having information can be more than useful in order to confirm or not a possible illness.

What average body temperature?

As a first step, you should know that the body temperature of your cat normally runs around 38-39 ° C. However, this temperature tends to vary during the day. Especially if your protect tends to bask in the sun or if he took a nap on a cold tile. Thus, in case of stress, it is not uncommon to see the value exceed very little 39 ° C. You do not have to worry in this case.

To take the temperature

  • First, think about choosing the measuring instrument. There is an electronic thermometer with a soft tip to prevent your cat from getting hurt. This one is recommended, far ahead of the front and ear thermometer , which does not translate reliable data. You can also lubricate the thermometer so that it slides easier and is less likely to cause tearing or punctures in your pet.
  • The act itself must be done with gentleness and without a sudden gesture. You must hold your cat under your arms while making sure he is standing upright on his paws. The help of a friend or relative is recommended. One of you must catch your cat by the neck. The other gently raises the tail to introduce the thermometer positioned perpendicularly in the rectum. Do not hesitate to put petroleum jelly for a smooth penetration and a less pronounced discomfort. Do not raise your cat's tail too high, otherwise it will hurt him. Do not push the thermometer too deep (maximum 2.5 cm).
  • Keep the thermometer in the same position until a small beep alerts you of the end of the procedure. Remove it gently and let your cat play again. You can now analyze the results. Above all, do not take its temperature 10 times a day. This is useless.
  • Your cat will have fever if its temperature exceeds 39 ° C, and will be hypothermic if it is below 38 ° C. However, all the data must be put in context. As noted above, if your cat is on a cold surface before the temperature is measured, it is likely to be below or near 38 ° C. Conversely if he just spent an hour in the sun. If the result worries you, immediately go to your veterinarian for action.

In summary

Taking the temperature of your feline is a rather simple act. As long as you are at 2 for greater security, and to avoid causing damage to your cat. Thus, you will favor a flexible electronic thermometer. You will not forget to put lubricant or vaseline at the end for a smooth introduction into the rectum of your pet. There, do not push deep top. Wait for the beep and gently remove the thermometer to read the numbers.

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