How to teach my dog to go to the bathroom

Posted on March 29 2018

How to teach my dog to go to the bathroom

Definitely, the task of teaching your dog to go to the bathroom is one of the greatest training challenges. Therefore, it is important to have a lot of patience and to use effective and constant methods. 

N or expect your puppy is completely trained in hygiene habits until he is at least six months, at that age dogs have no control over his bladder.

On the other hand, if your dog is already an adult he will be able to better control his bladder, but it will be more challenging to educate him again. However, with the correct process you can make the training easy.

Follow these tips so your dog learns to go to the bathroom easily:

  • Choose a space: Before any method, define a space as "bathroom", it can be inside or outside your house. The space must be conditioned with absorbent paper or training mats. 
  • Define a routine: For the first few days, it is important that you define an estimated time of waiting, that is, feed him and allow some time to take him to the bathroom. Be consistent in your directions, and create a repetitive teaching behavior.
  • Know your signs: After you have defined the time and space, learn to distinguish any sign of your dog. It is important that you know how many minutes after eating, you need to go to the bathroom or what your "maneuvers / movements" are to ask for it. 
  • Do not scold: Our dog friends often feel our emotions, if at any time you do the bathroom in the wrong place, do not yell at it, let alone punish it. The best option is to repeat the learning process.


  • Regardless of which method you use to teach your dog to go to the bathroom, it is advisable to have cleaning products that eliminate stains and odors. 
  • Use training mats to speed up toilet training. 
  • Use "attractants" in the space you choose as "bathroom"
  • Give him prizes and snacks, every time our little dog makes his needs in the right space.

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