How to teach your dog to bark on command?

Posted on April 25 2019

How to teach your dog to bark on command?-WOPET

Would you like to teach your dog to bark? The process is simple if you give the time, attention and patience to your 4-legged friend. On the other hand, if the animal is rather of the "silent" kind, you might tire yourself and ask for it unnecessarily.

We can think that all dogs bark naturally and therefore do not need to be encouraged. In fact, however, some do it less spontaneously , while others are sometimes a little too noisy . In the first case as in the other, learning to bark on command can provide an often effective solution. How to proceed ? Here are the steps to follow.


Doggies more barking than others

Some dogs are much more barking than others. This characteristic is both related to temperament and race . The type dogs Lupoid and shepherds , for example, give more easily voice that greyhounds , most dogs flat face ( Carlin , Chin Japanese , King Charles Spaniel , Bulldog ) or the Basenji , probably the most "silent" canine breeds.

With the second category of dogs, it is more difficult to teach them to bark on command. It can even sometimes be impossible and useless.

For the others, on the other hand, it is enough for a few sessions and a little patience to arrive at a satisfactory result.

Why teach his dog to bark?

Of course, you can choose to let your dog express himself freely and bark when he feels the need, provided that it does not affect your cohabitation and the tranquility of the neighborhood. However, one may prefer to teach his dog to bark on command for various reasons.

First, it is an apprenticeship like the others, which improves obedience and strengthens the interactions between the master and his dog.

Then, to teach his companion to bark can allow him to surpass his shyness if he is of the reserved kind. Finally, it is an exercise that paradoxically, can channel dogs that tend to bark too much .

A simple method to teach him how to bark

First, you will need to identify a sound or action that causes it to bark naturally . It may be the doorbell , for example.

  • All you have to do is then to ring the doorbell and at the same time send it the "bark" command . Repeat several times, and each time he barks with the bell (never forget the oral order), give him a treat and congratulate him . The goal is for the dog to eventually establish an association between vocal instruction "barks" and barking . You can join a hand gesture to the voice to help him better understand.
  • The following sessions, gradually remove the use of the bell. In the long term, your dog will only have to bark when you give him the order .
  • Gradually, reduce the treats, but continue to congratulate him every time he obeys.

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