How to travel with your dog by plane in the cargo area?

Posted on July 25 2018

How to travel with your dog by plane in the cargo area?

Traveling with your furry can be an adventure, especially with first-timers.

In case your dog travels in the cargo compartment, you have the right to document 50 kilograms on international flights or 25 kilograms for domestic flights.

There are two types of cargo compartments, pressurized and non-pressurized, pressurized means that are equipped with oxygen, that is in order that the animals traveling there can breathe properly, so ask if they have it on the plane.

One of the most serious problems when dogs travel under load is that they are sometimes exposed to sudden changes in temperature, since the pressurized compartments have air conditioning at a temperature of about 18-19 ° C and leave at much higher temperatures or low ones can cause respiratory diseases. The changes are too fast, which is why some airlines are restricted from accepting pets at certain times of the year or depending on the weather conditions just before taking the flight. These periods are called "foreclosures," so when you buy or book your ticket, ask if your airline does not have a garnishment, which is generally the period between June and August.

But I'll give you some basic tips that can save you a dislike and make the job a lot easier.

1,Compare prices

Carrying your furry on board in the hold can make a huge difference in the price of the ticket.

Many airlines have a limit on the number of pets allowed on each flight, so it is important that you book well in advance and also be confirmed between 24 and 48 hours before departure.

2,Prepare a good conveyor

It is important to see the size of the cage or dog carrier , in addition to complying with the specifications of the airline, it is essential that it is comfortable and can move us.

The cage or conveyor must be identified with the owner's address and telephone number.

It is also convenient to put a shirt in the cage with which the owner has slept the night before, so its aroma will make us feel more calm and safe.

3,Toys for dogs

A good idea is to leave us one of our favorite objects, be it a dog toy or even a house rug.


If you travel to a foreign country you should check if there is any quarantine policy depending on the type of animal. For this, it is best to call the consulate directly, where they can also inform you of the documentation required by local authorities upon arrival.

5,Exercise one day before traveling

The best way to spend the eve of the trip is by exercising. Be it a longer and more demanding walk for dogs. What it is about is that you arrive exhausted and face the flight in a relaxed manner.

6,Food and water

Fly in a dehydrated plane, the same to humans as to animals. It serves to freeze water before leaving the house to ensure that you still have water in the dog dish at the time of passing the security check.

If possible your hairy diet from a night before and give all the water you want to take

For example, the US authorities require that pets have had access to water and food within four hours before the flight.

7,Before flying

Keep your furry with you as long as possible before boarding the plane, ask the airline staff the moment your hairy has to go to the cargo area. Before leaving, try to take your hairy to an area where you can go to the bathroom to make your trip more comfortable.

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