Improve the health of your dog

Posted on July 23 2018

Improve the health of your dog

Have you noticed any change in the behavior of your hairy? It could be sick and you do not know it, 60% of dogs are not treated properly because their owners do not know how to identify the symptoms for the most common diseases in the furry ones.

To avoid that happening, this time I would like to share with you a guide so you can prevent your hairy suffering from any of these conditions, you can identify the main symptoms and fight them.

First of all I would like you to know that there are several foods that can be very harmful for us furry ones, you should avoid giving them:

Chocolate: contains several components that are part of the group of methylxanthine, these substances are highly toxic to dogs, causing vomiting, dehydration, irregular heartbeat, high body temperatures and other complications that can lead to death.

Milk and cheese: we do not have the enzymes that are needed to process the types of sugar and fats that milk and cheese contain, although it does not have such serious effects if it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Onion: contains compound that can be harmful if consumed, the onion damages our red blood cells, causing us to weaken and move less, if consumption is too much it is possible to need blood transfusions.

Nueces, grapes and raisins: it is still unknown which components of these foods are toxic for us, but it is known that their consumption causes a lot of damage to our health, causes kidney failure, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and lack of appetite.

Taken: high-fat foods such as bacon can cause diseases such as pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, so it stops working properly, causing problems of digestion and absorption of nutrients

It is important to know that the damage that these foods can cause varies depending on the race and the size of the furry, just like humans, all dogs are different and we react differently to certain factors, but it is better to prevent and keep away these foods.

Allergy problems

Did you know that 10% of all allergy cases are caused by the food we eat? These allergies may appear suddenly, and you may be wondering: but what is my dog ​​allergic to ?, for example, our body reacts to certain proteins in our diet, normally the main source is meat but it can also be a protein that is found in some grains like wheat that is causing allergy and we should stop eating that food

There are some signs with which you can identify that your hairy suffers from some type of allergy

  • Itchy skin, your hairy scratches a lot
  • Notes that your dog licks his paws more than usual
  • They have got spots on the skin
  • You have lost more hair than normal

If you identified any symptoms in your furry, you can fight them through different actions, such as changing the food that you give for a special one for your diet, hypoallergenic and complement them with prizes of the same type, surely this will greatly improve your health and will be happier.

Or at the time of bath, you can notice if there is any redness in your skin or excessive hair loss, for which you can use a hypoallergenic shampoo or wipes , which will help your hairy to recover its lustrous coat and health in its skin.

Arthritis problems

Arthritis is a very common disease in us furry ones, it can be caused by an injury, by aging, a disease or an infection. Our joints, especially in the hips and legs, are damaged and swollen and this causes us to move with pain and with difficulty. Sadly it is a condition that can not be cured, but there are many remedies that relieve pain and inflammation, improving the health of your hairy.

  • The usual symptoms of arthritis are:
  • Your puppy is limping constantly
  • Stiffness notes upon waking
  • He has difficulty getting up
  • Chronic pain

To reduce the effects of arthritis, a series of dietary supplements are used , including chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine chloride, antioxidants and omega 3 essential fatty acids . Also using a special food for this condition can improve a lot the state of your hairy,

There are also other simple changes that help the arthritic hairy, such as giving them a orthopedic bed for their comfort and protecting the affected joints. Or raise your food and water dishes from the floor to your knee so your spine is not pressed when feeding. Hairy patients with arthritis can not use ladders in safe ways, so it is recommended that they be blocked with a special safety door and you can also provide ramps to help your hairy person get up and down the levels, beds or vehicles.

Obesity problems

Do you know how to differentiate if your hairy needs to lose weight or if he just keeps "pachoncito like when he was a puppy"? 50% of dogs are overweight and of that 50%, between 15% and 25% can be considered hairy obese.

This obesity can be influenced by several factors such as:

- Overfeeding or bad feeding of your hairy, give us leftovers, homemade food, too many prizes or cookies, can increase our weight

-the lack of exercise is a very important factor, the amount of food we need is proportional to the exercise we perform

- Some genetic factors of certain furry breeds make them more likely to be overweight ( Labrador , Cocker or Basset Hound )

To do a little test of obesity in your hairy, follow this procedure:

The test of the ribs: runs along the sides of the back of your dog trying to feel its ribs; If you do not succeed, your dog has more weight and needs to lose weight, the healthy hairy have a well defined waist below their ribs and our stomach does not protrude from the rib cage when you see us laterally.

You can also weigh us at home, you can weigh yourself first and then load your furry and do it again, so calculating the difference you can know your weight and so check the appropriate weight for the breed of your dog in a comparative table that is reliable.

As almost always the best solution for this condition is prevention, a correct diet for us, taking into account the age and activity of the dog and a good dose of daily exercise is enough so that we do not have problems of obesity. And if it's already too late, and your hairy is a little overweight, there are some tips that I recommend you follow:

Give a special food for weight control in your hairy, there is a variety of brands and products of this type that will help your hairy to recover your ideal figure, also plan a regular exercise program with the necessary equipment , starting with something moderate so that it is not too heavy for us and you can increase it little by little. Continue to indulge your hairy with special awards with low caloric content that help increase the speed of our metabolism, use an interactive dish , is designed so that the food you give your hairy is spread on the plate and he takes it out of the Hollows with your tongue, prolonging the feeding time, improving our metabolism

It is also important that toys with him the ball or wrestle with toys at least 20 minutes a day, to make it more active.

More than 90% of obesity problems in furry ones are related to the care of the owner about the dog, so it is in your hands that your friend is healthy and happy.

Bad breath problem

This is a common problem among us hairy, in addition to presenting an unpleasant smell can be a sign of disease of your pet. The hairy of small breeds tend to form more tartar on the teeth due to various factors such as the acidity of the saliva, smaller and sticky teeth that cause the food to get stuck, besides receiving homemade food is the main factor to present dental tartar in dogs.

I recommend 4 things you can do to maintain the health and oral care of your hairy

The first recommendation is that the nutrition of your furry should be based on balanced feed, there are foods developed specifically to reduce the formation of tartar you can give your dog to combat this condition.

Brushing our teeth is the best preventive action, there are brushes with different shapes, sizes, textures, etc. and with three brushes per week are enough to control the formation of tartar with great success. It is also important that you use special toothpastes for dogs, there are different flavors that will make your task easier and you can complement it with mouthwashes.

Another healthy option that you will also love your furry are the special carnations , they have an enzymatic system that acts on the organic matter present in the teeth and helps to reduce it.

To not leave out the fun part, toys made of rubber or plastic are the best option, since they serve to clean our teeth, with spaces and protrusions to bury the teeth and clean as we bite the toys.

Stress and anxiety problems

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from stress, which is the main cause of many behavioral problems among which are aggressiveness, anxiety, hyperactivity, stereotypies or compulsive behaviors.

There are many situations that can cause stress, such as inadequate handling, transportation, immobilization, excessive physical exercise, extreme weather changes, heat, trauma, rectal palpation, malnutrition, pain, fear, routine changes and unpleasant social interactions.

When we are stressed our behavior changes, the dogs that are aggressive will be even more: they will bark, growl or they could bite. Dogs that are nervous without aggressive tendencies can channel their nervousness through vomiting or diarrhea and those who are more introverted could begin to lick or bite compulsively until they become wounded.

Depending on the case, several methods are used to eliminate or reduce anxiety and stress in the furry ones:

Practices of behavior modification based on training or coaching , mental stimulation, exercise and modification of the environment

Also with a healthy and balanced diet, a controlled and quality diet, or specialized food to control stress, as well as pampering with prizes made from a combination of natural extracts that is perfect to give your hairy a sense of tranquility.

There are medicines and vitamins to restore the chemical elements that have been unbalanced or destroyed in the central nervous system and endocrine of the hairy.

The loud noise of thunder or fireworks can cause a lot of stress, fear and anxiety, we may start to spin and pant when there are loud and loud noises, we can also develop destructive behavior. If possible, keep your furry inside the house during thunderstorms or when there are fireworks, give him a suitable place to take refuge, like a house, also recently a therapy has been used where tight vests or shirts are worn to our torso to calm down.

It is very important to treat anxiety and stress in your hairy, for your health, welfare and safety, as well as for yours!

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