Instructions of giving a drug to your dog

Posted on October 07 2018

Instructions of giving a drug to your dog

Sometimes you need to administer a treatment to your dog, which can be complicated because the animal does not necessarily appreciate the substance he is about to swallow. How to give a drug to his dog without jostling him and being sure he will not spit it out?

Because of disease more or less serious, we may need to give yourself the medicine to his dog . Whether it is punctual care or long-term treatments, or even for life, these substances are vital and allow the animal to heal its ills or improve its daily life. The problem with taking medication, however, is that dogs are not always enthusiastic about swallowing these tablets, pills or liquid solutions.

Depending on their character and the education they have received, they may be uncooperative , making the operation particularly difficult. But by applying the right technique and taking it with gentleness , one can quite effectively deliver a drug to his dog without traumatizing, or self inflicting a torture session. Of course, it is always preferable that the dog is accustomed, from an early age, to be handled .

Give him a pill or a pill

For dogs that can not be manipulated or do not hold in place, it is best to slip the solid medicine into its food . You can, for example, introduce it into a meatball or crush it and mix it with its mash .

If your dog is more cooperative, you will place the pill or tablet directly in your mouth. To do this, place one hand under the lower jaw holding the medication and the other hand on the upper jaw by pressing the 2 canines with your thumb and forefinger or middle finger. This small pressure can cause the opening of the dog's mouth.

With the other hand, the one holding the lower jaw, spread the mouth, then introduce the drug making sure to put it at the bottom, behind the domed part of the tongue . Then close his mouth and raise his head slightly to force him to swallow the medicine. If it has not been placed in the back of the tongue, the dog may keep it in the mouth, then spit later without you noticing it.

Give him a liquid medicine orally

Other oral medications, such as some antibiotics , come in liquid form . In this case, they are given by means of a pipette or a syringe.

To give your dog the medicine, hold his muzzle with one hand and lift his head toward the ceiling. With the other hand, insert the pipette or syringe on the side of his mouth, between the teeth. Press gently so that the liquid is injected inside its mouth. Give your dog time to swallow the sips of liquid by observing short breaks.

Pat him and congratulate him as soon as he finishes.

Give him drops for the ears or eyes

Drops for the ears: first make sure that the inside of your dog's ears is clean and healthy . If it is dirty and the hearing contents clogged, the medication may lose its effectiveness. If the ear has an infection or lesions, contact with the liquid may be painful for the animal.

Clean your ears , heal them, then proceed to the drops administration in the same way as with the ear cleaning lotion. In other words, hold the dog, pour the drops in the ear canal, then keep the position for a few seconds to allow the liquid to go down to the bottom of the ear and massage to facilitate penetration.

Drops for the eyes: make your dog sit , then open him, with one hand, the upper eyelid. With the other hand, pour the drops into his eye respecting the prescribed dose. Ideally, this operation is done at 2; a person holding the animal and raising his muzzle to the ceiling and another pouring the medicine into his eyes.

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