Is bacon good for my dog?

Posted on April 03 2018

Is bacon good for my dog?

If there is one thing that all dogs agree on, bacon is the most delicious thing in the world. We are almost certain that there is no dog that can resist the smell and taste of bacon (and there are also few humans who can resist).

Strictly speaking, the bacon is not a dangerous food for your dog but that does not mean that it is exactly healthy.

There are some experts who argue that bacon may contain nitrates and nitrates that are used as preservatives in smoked meats , however, the World Health Organization does not have them on the list of foods that can cause cancer.

But what's wrong?

Bacon is a food high in saturated fats that in high amounts can cause pancreatitits in dogs and can also make them gain extra kilos.

While a piece of bacon is not going to send it to the hospital, it is important that the bacon is not used as a daily prize or that you do not get used to your dog to eat bacon fat continuously.

Another reason why bacon is not very healthy is because it has a high sodium content and this is just one of the things that most dogs like. The excess sodium in the food can cause high blood pressure and other health problems. You can look for low sodium and fat options and it will not be so harmful to give your dog a bit of bacon from time to time.

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