Is Bamboo Bowl Good For Dog?

Posted on April 03 2018

Is Bamboo Bowl Good For Dog?

For those owners who, besides worrying about the welfare of their dogs, care about the environment , bamboo dishes can be an excellent option for their dogs' new dishes.


Sure you have seen that in recent years the bamboo has begun to use for many things at home, from cutting boards, dishes and even cutlery. But it is also used for thousands of other things, from bicycles, roofs, and even to make clothes. This is because bamboo is a 100% natural material that is not toxic and is also one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

A bamboo can reach maturity as a plant in just 4 years. To the surprise of many, the bamboo is not a tree but a type of tropical grass. This makes it one of the most sustainable resources because it regenerates naturally quickly.

One of the benefits of bamboo is that its fibers are anti-microbial so they do not have to be treated with chemicals to clean them and also has an agent called bamboo kun that prereviene that bacteria can grow there.

In addition, bamboo is a plant that grows without pesticides or fertilizers and this makes it ideal for any type of consumer product, in addition to being 100% biodegradable.

Today bamboo is also present in dog products and the advantages of a bamboo dish for your dog is that it is a dish made of natural materials, that is biodegradable, that does not keep odors and that, unlike plastic dishes , naturally prevents microbes and bacteria from growing there.

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