Is my dog dominated or dominant?

Posted on November 16 2018

Is my dog dominated or dominant?

Historically, the dog is a social animal living in a pack, with a very precise hierarchical organization. Each member of the pack had its own status with a dominant and dominated.

Today with humans, our pets keep the same instincts, but are disoriented by our behavior sometimes authoritarian, sometimes good friend ... Thus, behavioral disorders can appear between the excess of fear (dominated) and the excess of authority (dominant).

The dominant dog

A dominant dog results from a primitive instinct and especially the behavior of its owners. This kind of dog wants to dominate all his congeners as well as the members of his home. Blame it on the masters who let him do the law at home by negligence or too much kindness.

The behavior of a dominant dog is characterized by a wide range of freedoms like sleeping on the couch, eating with you at the table. Once this situation is established, the case turns out to be complicated, but not irreversible. If you want to set up a few rules, the dog can become grumpy, even aggressive. The important thing is to inculcate rules from an early age even if educating an adult dog is not impossible.

How to educate a dominant dog?

To regain control , you must put in place a rules of conduct that your dog must respect.

It will be necessary to define:

  • place and times of meals (never near you or at the same time as you)
  • the sleeping place (out of your room)
  • prohibited or authorized home locations
  • moments of relaxation or hugs at your convenience and on your own initiative

Finally, do not be the only one to impose these rules on your dog. Everyone around you and even children should behave the same way as you do with your mate. Like the principle of a colocation, the goal is to establish fixed rules for humans and dogs and to establish a healthy hierarchical equilibrium. In sum, a reassuring framework for the dog.

The dominated dog

Some dogs are fearful in nature. A dominated dog can develop a feeling of fear and this often depends on their experience. A lot of reasons can explain these fears as a feeling of isolation, punishments too severe, some veterinary practices or the sound of the storm.

These fears are generally evidenced by a fugue of the dog , from incontinence to bite. So, how to deal with it?

How to cure the fears of a dog dominated?

The best solution is to discover the origin of the fear and to confront your dog by rewarding him if he faces it with a calm behavior. This technique is called " desensitization ".

Forget the aggressive or harsh methods for a fearful dog. This kind of behavior would only increase the feeling of anxiety in your pet. The main goal is to restore confidence to your pet. For extreme cases, a veterinarian may prescribe a treatment or offer a specific training course so that the dog overcomes his fears by himself.

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