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Is your furry friend nervous, scared or anxious?

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Posted on May 20 2018

Have you ever wondered how you can help your dog when he is nervous, scared or anxious?

If your furry friend barks a lot, growls often, trembles with strange noises or when you leave him alone in your house, he gets very aggressive and bites other dogs or humans, or he gets very hyperactive, it's because he tends to be very nervous and it is better to learn to calm him down. Here are some tips so you know how to treat your anxiety:

  • Show your leadership when your dog is nervous or anxious: It is very important that you do not show insecurity or distrust when we are nervous because you transmit it to your furry friend. If you show us that you are the leader, we will surely listen to you quickly. 
  • Allow your dog growls to express itself: Many people think that when we are growling means we are going to bite or attack but recent studies have shown otherwise. A grunt is a manifestation that we are not satisfied and it is good that a dog expresses it. However, if you scold him every time he growls he may let him do it and one day he might attack without first expressing his dissatisfaction with a grunt. 
  • Wear a thundershirt when your dog is afraid or hyperactive Watch this video of what a Thundershirt can do. It is the best way to reassure us without using medicines and without hurting ourselves. The shirt will relax your dog by pressing gently as if you were giving him a massage. 
  • Use an organic solution to relax it: some dogs get very nervous when they leave us alone at home. An effective way to relax to relieve anxiety is to use an organic solution called Pet Happy or Pet Calm . 
  • Exercised dogs are calmer: When we exercise we burn all our energy and we are calmer. Remember that it is very important to exercise and have a bed comfortable to rest. 
  • Toys help to have fun and eliminate anxiety: It is important that you always leave us toys when you go, that helps us to distract and spend our energy during the day.

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