Knowing how to choose the right croquettes for your cat

Posted on December 18 2018

Knowing how to choose the right croquettes for your cat

Brands are numerous. Choosing the ideal kibble for your cat is not necessarily easy. It is possible to lose yourself in front of the many choices available to you. What's more, the quality is not necessarily the same between a brand, a kibble, and another. Which one to choose for her feline? We help you in this difficult choice.

The diet your cat is made, a choice of cakes and water, or mash and water. It is possible to combine the 3. The croquettes have the advantage of being easy to use , to be appreciated by your cat. It is a dry food that can be kept long enough (no oxidation) and also promotes cleaning of the teeth . There are many benefits to choosing croquettes . However, the choices are multiple.

A long list of brands

Affinity Petcare, Nestle, Mars ... These companies share the cake of cat food . Brands such as Royal Canin and Purina are better known . They come straight from the multinationals that make up this lucrative market . It is estimated that more than 800 000 tonnes of kibble are sold each year in France . Croquettes that have their origins in the animal raw material , namely animals killed in slaughterhouses .

However, not all kibbles are equal . The substances differ depending on the brand , the ranges . It seems crucial , even essential , to differentiate well the products present in certain kibbles (or absent) and to compare them between them.

The 3 ranges of croquettes

As we have seen, croquettes are not all equal . They are divided into 3 ranges , all different from each other.
  • The standard croquettes
The quality is not necessarily the appointment. At least, it is inferior to premium kibble (see below). We are dealing with foods that are more saturated with lipids (fats). They sometimes cause an indigestion and may cause the deficiency or imbalance food . They promote the weight gain of your animal and sometimes lead to obesity .
  • Premium croquettes
They are more expensive than the standards, but also of a higher quality . There are fewer in supermarkets, but more in pet stores or specialty shops . Your vet will not necessarily advise you, however, to turn more to this category because they have a disadvantage in their composition . They are often made from cereals . These are not all well digested by your cat.
  • Super premium croquettes
These are certainly the best for your cat, but the most expensive. They meet all the nutritional needs of your cat, are much more digestible . As a result, your cat will be healthier with these croquettes.
  • Always animal proteins

Your cat is a carnivore . In fact, even if you feed it with croquettes , the latter will have to be extracted from animal proteins for the most part. This protein must appear on the chosen pack of croquettes. In addition, the animal species must be listed on the package. We recommend poultry meat with beef. Any inscription of the style "flour of ..." must be proscribed.

It is recommended to buy kibbles that contain at least 40% animal protein , up to 20% fat (no vegetable fat) and a minimum of carbohydrates (sugar).

What about cereal-based croquettes?

The digestive system of your cat does not bear the cereal cakes (corn, wheat, soybeans, rice). What's more, these cereals provide a high level of carbohydrates . This will eventually lead to diseases such as diabetes or obesity . Your cat could also react negatively (allergy) to cereals. They are not part of the composition of his diet and are therefore to be banned. As such, the packaging must mention the absence of cereals in the composition of croquettes.

Other ingredients to avoid

The kibble of your cat will have to be mainly composed of animal proteins and lipids . On the other hand, they must not contain carrageenan , which is a food additive known under the code E407 . In addition, avoid kibbles that have fish or fish oil in their composition. Finally, do not buy kibbles with an ash content higher than 9%. This is a sign that the quality of the meat is bad.

The best croquette is the one adapted to your cat

Each cat has different needs. Some breeds even have specific croquettes . The age of your cat is also an element to take into account. There are croquettes for kittens , more rich in calcium , croquettes for aged cat . Some croquettes are intended for sterilized cats to prevent them from gaining too much weight. Others are for obese cats, with a greater presence of fiber . The best way to buy good quality kibble for your feline is to carefully check the package label , calculatethe percentage of each ingredient present in the composition. Of course, your vet will advise you.

Do not forget the water

Croquettes are solid and dry foods. Thus, there is no water intake inside, unlike pies. In addition, it is necessary to hydrate your cat permanently. He must have water available next to his bowl of croquettes (or distributor).

The cost?

Of course, by buying super premium croquettes , your wallet will be affected. Count between 60 and 100 grams of kibble a day for your cat. He can ingest up to 3 kilos a month . This can cost you up to 20 to 30 euros per month depending on the brand (from €6 for standard croquettes). Do not think of it as a bigger expense, but as a saving made ... on the health of your feline. With quality croquettes, your pet will be less subject to diseases and therefore to veterinary emergencies.

In summary

There are many possible kibbles for your cat. Not all are good for the digestive system. You will prefer super premium croquettes, with an animal protein composition of at least 40%. Cereals must be banned from their diet, as must the presence of fish or fish oil in the kibble. The ash rate must be lower than a certain rate in order to guarantee the quality of the meat.

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