Learn the order "lying down" to your dog

Posted on November 15 2018

Learn the order "lying down" to your dog

The order "Lying" is to learn as soon as possible to his dog, just after the order "Sitting" is perfectly assimilated. For what reason and in what way?

The "Lying" is one of the basic orders in canine education . It is one of the first instructions to be assimilated by the dog, because this position is needed in a variety of situations. If it involves a natural posture for the dog, it is not always necessarily enthusiastic to the idea of ​​complying.

However, his learning is relatively easy and fast. A few weeks may be sufficient for its total acquisition by the animal. How to do it ? Here are some tips and how to do it ...

Why teach him the "Lying" order?

The supine position, in other words the one for which the dog is lowered and is placed on the belly, corresponds to a posture quite natural in the canine gent. However, and contrary to the sitting position which is more neutral, it is a sort of position of inferiority , of submission .

By lying down, the dog accepts his position hierarchically inferior to that of the individual who is in front of him. By having him lie down, you affirm your status as pack leader with respect to your animal, which shows his acceptance of this condition. This is especially useful for keeping controlwhen it gets excited or misbehaves.

Accustoming your dog to bed is also a safety measure , especially when traveling by car. Finally the supine position is the initial posture to adopt when learning other exercises, such as rolling.

Some tips before you start

Of course, you will need to be patient and understanding with your dog while learning. It is useless to cry, it will not speed things up, quite the opposite. The cries will only stress the animal and make him lose all desire to learn by associating the exercise with something unpleasant.

Avoid, moreover, the sessions with extension. Opt for daily sessions of ten or fifteen minutes , no more. Otherwise, your dog may get bored and will not be receptive.

Finally, adopt a cheerful tone and bet on treats (croquettes or biscuits for dogs), essential elements of any learning.

The stages of learning the order "Lying"

  • Put yourself in front of your dog, ask him to sit down and present him a treat a few inches from his muzzle. Lower the hand holding the kibble to the ground to get it to follow the movement thanks to the enticing treat. Clearly pronounce the "Lying" order at the same time as the movement
  • As soon as he goes to bed completely (the hindquarters lowered too and not in the air), give him the treat and congratulate him
  • Repeat a dozen times. You can do 1 or 2 sessions a day
  • After 2 weeks, repeat the exercise without showing him the treat right from the start. Guide him with your finger and your voice, then give him the kibble once the order is executed correctly. Continue this for a week, then repeat the exercise by removing the treat. Your dog will only have to obey the voice command

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