Learn the order "roll over" to your dog

Posted on November 15 2018

Learn the order "roll over" to your dog

When a dog makes a "roll over", he rolls on himself, to the side. It is easy to teach him how to do it; all you have to do is motivate it and put it in a good mood, just like with every new exercise.

Any exercise is good to take. Each new trick taught to his dog is a new opportunity to spend time together, to exchange and strengthen links . It's also a great way to solicit your intelligence , improve your coordination, and get your work done physically , while providing pleasure . In this vein, learning the " roll over" brings a lot of fun moments. How to make it integrate and obey this order? We expose you a simple method to achieve this.

Rolled ball: what interest?

The "roll over" is certainly not a basic order , like " sleep ", " sit " or " stop ", for example, but it may be of some interest .

Its playfulness is added to the fact that it offers the master and his dog the opportunity to share good moments and strengthen the bonds that unite them. In addition, the animal has funperforming the movement (provided not to abuse, of course).

Like any exercise, whether essential or not, the "rolled ball" helps to improve the dog 's obedience. In addition, he stimulates him on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Before starting the exercise

First, carefully choose where you will perform the first sessions. Opt for a quiet place , far from what can disturb or divert his attention . Start indoors, in one of the rooms of the house, and then, as the sessions go on, go outside (garden, terrace, courtyard ...), before considering sessions in public places like parks .

Plan a handful of treats . To not unbalance his diet , you can take kibble on his daily ration. These treats will be used to motivate your dog during exercise.

Start on a surface that is not hard: carpet, carpet ...

A prerequisite for learning the "roll over", the "sleep" must be perfectly controlled by your dog, because it is the starting position and the one that puts the dog on hold of your orders.

The method of roll over

  1. Put your dog in a supine position.
  2. Show him clearly the delicacy by presenting it to him, held between the index finger and the thumb.
  3. Pass the hand holding the treat on the side of the dog . He will follow her with his eyes and turn his head.
  4. Tell him " roll ", while going down the treat in his direction to push him to lie down on the side following your gesture (and especially the treat). Accompany the movement to make sure it rolls on itself . If he does not do it naturally, help him lightly with the other hand.
  5. Once the roulade is complete, give him the kibble and congratulate him . Repeat several times.
  6. The following sessions, make him chain 2 consecutive rolls and reward him only after the 2nd. Over the course of the sessions, lengthen the series, but do not make him do too much so as not to inconvenience him (limit yourself to 3 or 4).
  7. Gradually remove the treats so that, eventually , your dog obeys only the order "rolls" and eventually the gesture of the hand.

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