Let's talk about Dog Obesity

Posted on April 24 2018

Let's talk about Dog Obesity
We know that these topics contain a lot of information that can be tedious, but they help to know more about the problems that our beloved pets have. Thanks to the World Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, it is estimated that currently 20% to 40% of them suffer from obesity.

The way to know if your dog is with weight problems is something very easy to do just check your ribs and spine, you can also see in the way that your waist and note that your bones are not exposed to the naked eye.

Canines suffering from obesity develop cardiovascular problems, diabetes or liver problems, and can die prematurely. Encourage your pet to exercise as the game where jumping obstacles or on water, you can burn calories by reducing that appetite that characterizes it.

How can I fight obesity in my dog?
We must feed our hairy friend with healthier food to help balance their weight, in the market we can find specific products for dogs that have this problem of overweight. You can also consult a veterinarian to advise you on this, keep in mind that if you are looking for your pet is to have a healthy dog ​​you must also be healthy.

Take into account everything the vet says as he is the expert who will advise you on the ideal weight of your dog according to his age, breed and how much daily food should be consumed.

What you should know about your dog is that it has to reduce carbohydrates and give less fat, so that your diet is rich in protein and can increase your muscle mass by reducing the accumulation of lipids as well as to facilitate your digestion try to add more fiber to your diet.

Be strict about your meal schedule and the rations you give as this will help him not overeat.

Say no to the goodies!
If you are used to giving sweets to your dog those moments of glory for your pet are over because this prevents the reduction of weight, neither give him the leftovers of food or less those cans of food or wet diet, instead you can give fruits and vegetables also recommended by the veterinarian.

Finally we recommend you take long walks with your hairy pet make the ride last longer and reduce those stubborn calories; it is about sharing healthy activities that are fun and beneficial to you, do not forget to bring water during these long journeys apart do not stop monitoring that your pet does not run out.

If after all you have done to help your dog,you do not see the changes in its physiognomy that can be due to other problems so it is better to consult the veterinarian so that he can do exams in more detail since their problems. They can be genetic, physical or environmental.

Nowadays, overweight and obesity in pets have become widespread in America. No wonder, figuring out how much your pets actually eat / should eat, is tricky and time-consuming. In the today's busy world, people are often not home to feed their pets during the day.

Wopet's Goal is to bring innovative convenient products to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by taking care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pets daily life. And now many, many more caring cat and dog owners are empowered to maintain a healthy, consistent, stress-free diet for their pets.


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