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Live Smart: Feed Your Pets On The Go With The WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder V36

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Posted on October 14 2018

If like me you work full time and leave your pets at home for over 9 hours a day you understand the dilemma of ensuring your pets are well fed throughout the day. I particularly struggle with this as at home I have a kitten, an adult cat, a dog and a goldfish, so lots of little mouths to feed.

My goldfish I can feed in the morning before leaving the house. But my other pets like to eat throughout the day and it’s not healthy to leave their food out during the day, as it won’t be fresh. Or one might eat the others’ food, which my kitten likes to do to our dog’s food, again not healthy.

An automatic pet feeder is clearly the answer to my dilemma however I have yet to come across one that was flexible for my schedule.

In the past I have used automatic pet feeders but the timer mechanism didn’t always work properly therefore my pet wasn’t fed at the desired time. I recently came across the WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats, which has revolutionised auto pet feeders. Not only does it have HD camera for viewing and speaking to your pets while home alone. But with the WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats what works for me is that you can control the timing by an app, as I mentioned using the pre-set timer on other pet feeders didn’t work well for me in the past.

The camera feature on the WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats is also ideal for me as our kitten Luna is the newest addition to our family and she is still getting to know her surroundings. So while I am at work I do worry about her. Being able to use to HD camera and check on her during the day takes that anxiety away. The WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats camera allows you to record videos and take photos of your pet while on the move, so you don’t miss any of their precious playful antics. If you have multiple pets like me you can understand how great this is to check in on all of them.

Also being able to control when I feed my animals via an app is much better because I can video call them to see if they are ready to eat and then activate the auto feeder so their wet or dry food will be served fresh to them.

I’m all about smart living and with the WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats I can cut the cost of hiring a pet sitter or leaving them at a pet shelter while you’re travelling. I particularly am opposed to leaving my pets at a shelter as I feel they may develop abandonment issues, as they are rescue animals so they are already trying to heal from past trauma of living at an animal shelter. This technology is an amazing tool that will enrich the lives of your pets in their homes.

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