Maintain the beauty of the hair of your dog

Posted on October 07 2018

Maintain the beauty of the hair of your dog

The maintenance of the dog's hair is a vital work because the health of the animal depends on it. It acts against the cold, bad weather and many other inconveniences. If the maintenance is more or less tedious depending on the breed, the length of the hair and its texture, whatever the type of dog, it must be regular.

Maintaining the coat of your dog is both a question of aesthetics and health . The hairs contribute, indeed, to protect the animal against the external aggressions which are the cold and the humidity , among others. It is therefore essential to ensure that they are always in a position to fully perform their function, in addition to preserving its beauty.

Dust, vegetation debris, dead hair and other impurities are eliminated through regular care , from simple brushing to thorough grooming. It should be remembered that the dog's diet also contributes to the quality and beauty of the hair

Brushing your dog

All dogs must be brushed at least once a week , regardless of the breed to which they belong and the specificities of their hair. This is the main measure of maintenance. It helps rid the dog of his dead hair , debris of various kinds (plant, dust, dirt) and stimulate blood circulation in the skin.

It is also a special moment with the animal. Generally, dogs like to be brushed, as long as one proceeds gently and in the direction of the hair . It is still necessary to teach them to keep quiet during the treatment. That's why it's important to get them used to it from an early age .

Brushing becomes more frequent during moulting , which occurs once or twice a year depending on the breed. In some dogs, it must be done every day. In dogs with long hair , it is advisable to look for and disentangle any possible knots before brushing them. Otherwise, we risk strengthening them and not being able to undo them. It is not recommended to cut them , because there is a risk of touching the skin and thus of hurting the dog.

On the tool side, we use the comb that facilitates disentangling, the metal rod brush and the horsehair brush to finalize the brushing and shine the hair. Finally, it is worth remembering that brushing is an opportunity to inspect the dog's hair and skin to make sure they do not have any external parasites.

Grooming for some breeds

For some breeds of dogs, grooming is a necessary exercise, even if the subjects are not intended to be exhibited or to participate in contests. The grooming allows as much to maintain the beauty of their dress as to clear some sensitive areas of the body as the ears, and thus to prevent infections and diseases of the skin.

The treatments range from cutting to hair removal , through the untangling and mowing . They depend on the specificities of the coat and must be made by a professional groomer , as they can be harmful if they are poorly made. It is not uncommon, however, for dog owners to take care of their own grooming. Unless they really benefit from the experience and the necessary equipment, this approach is strongly discouraged.

Give the bath to your dog

As for grooming, the bath is not a must for all dogs. The most rustic breeds, used to living outdoors, can do without and be content with regular brushing, except when they are very dirty.

For others, especially those who live in urban areas and are exposed to urban pollution, it is recommended to wash them several times a year using a specific shampoo . Care must be taken that the dog has been thoroughly rinsed and the dog is thoroughly dried using a towel and possibly a hair dryer. The dryer must be kept at a safe distance to avoid causing burns on the dog's skin.

The baths should not be too frequent not to break the layer of sebum which constitutes a protective film.

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