Male or female cat: which one to choose?

Posted on December 10 2018

Male or female cat: which one to choose?

You decide to adopt a cat. However, you must ask yourself the question and know what type of cat you would like. Rather male or rather female? What is the difference between the two sexes? We help you to see more clearly.

Rest assured, the differences between a male cat and a female are not numerous. Their personalities are hardly exacerbated by their sex. Especially after the castration of the male, which tends to decrease the differences even more.

If you opt for a male

Are males more distant than females and less cuddly. Not necessarily. There is ultimately no rule in this area. Male cats are often more massive , a little larger . They are not all more independent or solitary than a female. This feature fades quickly if you castrate. A castration that will take place around 6 months, at the time of puberty, at the veterinarian.

The only real difference with the female is in the way the male has marked his territory . It will do so by means of jets of urine inside your home. A different way of proceeding with the simple elimination, which will be done in its litter and that it will recover later. Your cat, in the case of a marking by jets of urine, mark a place favorable to the marking, sniff it then urine on it. Castration can reduce or even eliminate this behavior.

If you opt for a female

The only more delicate periods of a cat are those of its periods of heat . It will meow more than usual, especially during the night. She may be at that moment more affectionate, affectionate. These periods are not really predictable in the cat, but rather irregular.

It is possible to sterilize the cat and so avoid these periods of heat. It also avoids unwanted pregnancies. Sterilization eliminates the risk of infection of the uterus or the risk of uterine and ovarian tumors. Early ovariectomy reduces the risk of developing breast tumors to zero. The best is to sterilize it before the age of one year.

In summary

There is little difference between a male cat and a cat. The only differences tend to fade once castration in the male, and sterilization in the female, performed. In addition, it is also possible that a cat that has not been castrated can never mark its territory by means of jets of urine. It is also possible that a cat in heat will never meow and keep quiet.

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