My cat eats too fast: what to do?

Posted on December 19 2018

My cat eats too fast: what to do?

Does your cat tend to eat his meal in minutes? This behavior can cause adverse health effects. There are certain ways to prevent your cat from gulping down his ration at once. Our explanations.

Your cat does not eat, it devours. He does not nibble, he's guzzling. His meal is swallowed in a few minutes and, most importantly, he does not seem satiated. This problem, associated with an insufficient physical expenditure, can favor the overweight of your cat to the point of leading him towards a certain obesity.

Indeed, your cat will have no feeling of satiety by eating too quickly. On the contrary, he will probably ask for more, even if he vomits his meal afterwards. This behavior can be the source of many factors.

The past

Your cat may have suffered from malnutrition as a child. His mother would have tended not to feed him fast enough or run out of milk. In fact, your cat will echo this lack and focus on feeding as quickly as possible, for fear of missing.

The composition of the croquette

The kibble is not your cat's favorite food. If you opt for them, you need to focus on being nutritious enough to meet your cat's needs. In the opposite case, your pet may be more hungry and therefore need larger rations.

What to do?

You must regulate the daily life of your cat. However, he does not need to be taught. A cat manages to regulate itself. You will have to adapt to his behavior.

  • You can leave him alone while he eats. He will feel safe . As he gets used to your home, if he is a new cat, his serenity will take over and he could slow down the ingestion of his food. Moreover, it is recommended in any situation to install your cat in a quiet and clean place for his meals.
  • The streamlining . The best way to prevent your cat from eating his daily meal is to rationalize it.

Regulate it with playful bowls

Your cat can not regulate itself? It will then be necessary to force it. For this, there is a plethora of playful bowls which, in addition to forcing your cat to take his time, will make it play and make it more pleasant , perhaps even less aggressive .

  • The cat pipolino is an anti-stress toy. It is a mobile distributor of croquettes. This allows your cat to spend his energy while eating softly . The principle is simple: your cat will have to roll the pipolino so that it releases the croquettes. The benefits are many. Beyond increasing your cat's meal time, it can reduce obesity, stress, boredom and several behavioral pathologies.
  • The food labyrinth . Your cat will need all his senses and his intelligence to have the right to eat. The principle is simple: your cat must move the food in the labyrinth to be able to drop it and enjoy it. This will mobilize his thinking skills, his energy and reduce his boredom.
  • The Cat activity Fun Board , invented by Helena Dbaly. In this game, there are 5 modules for always more challenges. There is the spherical, pimple, spans, buccal and tunnel model. All the senses of your cat will be mobilized.

Each time, do not forget to wash the bowl or these famous food toys for your cat.

In summary

Your cat may be hungry if he was deprived of food during his youth. Environmental stress can also be the cause. You must make sure that your cat is regulated by means of, among other things, playful toys.

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