My cat ran away: what to do?

Posted on December 24 2018

My cat ran away: what to do?

Unlike dog fugues, which are often linked to a behavioral problem, a runaway cat does not respond to any dysfunction at home. Knowing your cat outside can upset you. Nothing serves, however, to panic. Let's analyze the origin of this behavior and the existing solutions.

A runaway cat is rather common. In any case, it does not arise from any psychological pathology and even less from a behavioral problem. The cat, by its instinct, its passive, its history, has a more important part of independence in him than a dog for example. Yours, although domestic, may be inclined to unearth new territories, new conquests. Rest assured , your cat does not feel unwell at home. The reasons for these fugues are multiple.

Why is your cat running away?

  • Want to mark another territory or return to your old
Unlike the domestic dog, which is not a territorial animal in the true sense of the term, your cat remains a predator . Its territory varies every day, every week, according to its surroundings, its congeners, its food.

By the way, you have just moved . Your cat is still struggling to acclimatize to his new environment and his envy and return to the old. This can be explained in particular by his desire not to leave to someone else what he still considers his territory.
  • Join a female in heat
This reason stems from the previous one. Your cat is constantly immersed in his environment. It will quickly feel if a female in heat prowls around your home. In this case, he will want to join and thus mark his territory .
  • hunt
If your cat is a male, he will not hesitate to join a female in heat (above), but also to extend his perimeter to hunt and thus use his instinct of predator. This characteristic is especially valid if your cat used to live outside. With time, his desire to discover is real.
  • The double residence
Your cat has found someone who greets him sparingly on the edge of his window. Food is waiting, caresses too. However, he will come back to you every time, because you remain his master reference.

The dangerousness of a runaway

Your cat has decided to go for adventure. You will have to wait for his return. It can range from a few hours to several days. During this time, several events may occur. Your cat is more likely to be run over or run over by a vehicle, to be robbed by a thief, but also to contract certain diseases , certain infections in contact with congeners.

Hence the importance of having your cat vaccinated at an early age and to make reminders every year. You are never immune to the runaway behavior of your cat.

What reaction to adopt?

Most runaway cats have their origin in their irresistible urge to join a female in heat. To avoid this behavior, you must sterilize your cat . This will limit or remove any desire of your cat to join his or her congener. In addition, his desire to fight will diminish.

Do not lock your cat in your home. It will only make him more unhappy. Especially since your runaway cat has in principle not been used to live constantly between 4 walls. Indeed, cats who do not know the outside of their entire lives have little motivation to leave cozy couch, plentiful food and hugs to go wander away from home.

If your cat is used to living in your garden, you can always try to partition your fence.

For the rest, you must strive to welcome your cat the best of the world every time he returns from his runaways. Do not change his habits . Let him go through your entire home if it's not already done.

As a last resort, you can use pheromones , cat-specific substances. They can be applied on furniture, strategic places. This has the effect of reassuring your cat. He will feel more at home if you just moved out.

In summary

A runaway cat is nothing to worry about. You must :
  • Sterilize it
  • Make it feel good in your home, new or old
  • Use as a last resort pheromones
  • Do not change your cat's habits (food, bedding ...)
  • Make sure your cat feels good
  • Do not stop your cat from going out

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