My cat sucks like a baby

Posted on December 24 2018

My cat sucks like a baby

Your cat sucks a plush, a cushion, a fabric, his toys. This behavior is not normal. Indeed, a cat must stop suckling once weaned, that is to say after 8 to 10 weeks. In the opposite case, find our advice to evolve your cat.

Does your cat take your ear like a pacifier? The act of kneading the area as to find the milk often triggers salivation. This is not a strange phenomenon. Your cat reproduces with you what he was doing with his mother to have breast milk. If your cat suckles like a baby, it comes at the beginning of his period when he was just a baby. A baby not quite weaned ...

The absence of weaning

A kitten must usually be weaned after ten weeks. Once adopted by an owner, he did not have time to be totally "trained" by his mother. Indeed, the latter must, after having mothered, gradually detach from him. The cat will thus take its independence and develop its wild side.

The absence of weaning will develop a kind of infantilism of your cat. A behavior of which he does not suffer, but which could well become annoying for you. Your cat sucks everything that looks like an udder . It can thus suck a part of your body like toys or a piece of cloth. Be careful , because a piece of tissue, if your cat ingests it, can trigger an intestinal obstruction.

What reaction has been adopted?

If he sucks, your cat may be compared to a child sucking his thumb in old age. You must not scold him or punish him for this childish behavior. Indeed, this behavior reassures your cat and allows him to fill his anxiety .

Other reasons for this behavior?

Apart from an unfinished weaning, your cat can also:
  • Have genetic predispositions. Indeed, some Eastern breeds would be more likely to develop this behavior in adulthood. We can for example quote the Siamese , the Tonkinese or the Balinese.
  • Even if your cat has stopped breastfeeding, this behavior may resurface in times of high stress. A major change, an upheaval in your cat's life can cause this behavior. In this case, it will be for you to review the trigger and correct it if possible. If your cat gets hair on his side, on his belly, or if he kills objects that can inflict physical injury, you should consult your veterinarian who will treat anxiety with a treatment based anxiolytic.

What to do?

Unfortunately, this behavior can hardly be corrected with your means. Your cat will stop or not on his own. You must foster a serene environment so that your cat can have no source of anxiety. In some cases, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian who can help you. The best way is prevention and avoid collecting a kitten that has not yet been weaned by its mother.

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