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My Child Wants An Animal

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Posted on September 11 2018

Every child wants a pet one day. But before committing oneself, one must choose the right one and think about the consequences of this adoption.

Keep in mind that an animal is not a toy. Each animal has special needs and characteristics. You have to choose the right animal because it is a commitment over many years.

Which animal depends on the age of my child?

→ Between 0 and 3 years old:
At this age, your child needs to touch. The sight of a fish or a bird will not be happy with your toddler's day. But the softness of the hair of the cat or the dog will amuse it.

The cat then becomes the nap companion and the dog the playmate.

→ Between 3 and 6 years old:
Your child grows up and gradually builds his independence. He realizes that an animal is not a game and begins to understand his needs.

The cat and the dog are friends but he can already take care of his animal. The guinea pig becomes a good solution because it is easy to maintain, gentle and not aggressive. Your child can then "be responsible" (always under parental control of course).

→ Between 6 and 12 years old:
Your child has his personality, he will be more interested in one animal than another. The dog and the cat are the favorites because there is an interaction between the animal and the child. The guinea pig loses its appeal but the fish become interesting because they allow to create an underwater world.

Should an additional budget be provided?
An animal does not adopt lightly, between acquisition, daily care but also veterinary fees, adoption can lead to significant costs.

The companion chosen must match your budget so that he remains a friend and does not become a burden.

This is a calculation to be done from the start because it is a commitment in the long term (between 8 years for a guinea pig and 15 years for a cat or a dog).

And if we go on vacation?

Our companions can not follow us everywhere. The rodents remain in their cage, the cat does not appreciate the changes of place and the dog is not refused at certain place, it is necessary to find solutions.

Family, neighbors and friends are involved.
There are other solutions adapted to each need and each situation,such as automatic pet feeder

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