Natural Awards for your Pet

Posted on March 29 2018

Natural Awards for your Pet

The prizes are a motivation in the learning of your pet. However, they are not part of your pet's balanced diet , because many of them are made with zero waste and healthy fillings. Therefore, it  is important that you learn to reward it only at the right times and thus avoid health problems. 

Currently, there are several brands of natural prizes that are made with fruits and vegetables and are free of grains, gluten and preservatives . These awards provide the necessary nutrients in your diet and help the oral hygiene of your pet. 

100% natural prizes for your pet 


  • Mini Naturals
  • Skinny Bakes 10's
  • Skinny Bakes 5's     
  • Lil 'Links       

Smart N Tasty (for cat)

  • Dental Treats: Tuna, Chicken or Salmon.


  • Duck Cookie, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon


  • Liver Treats
  • Heart Treats
  • Chicken Treats

TIP: If you are looking for something much more natural, you can give them pieces of fruit or vegetables (apple, sweet potato, carrot, potato) 

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