Not All Pet Dog Characters are Docile -1

Posted on April 01 2019

Not All Pet Dog Characters are Docile -1-WOPET

Working Dogs

Rescue, housekeeping home! These are the things that the dog in the working dog group has to do~~~ The IQ of the working dog is quite high! And passionate and responsible! It should be noted that you can't leave them at home, you must do something for them, or there will really get depressed.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Height: 25-30 cm ;Weight: 9-12 kg ;Life: 12-15 years

The activity required: medium; beauty frequency: low
Corgi's most original job is to chase cattle, their small short legs can be flexibly shuttled in the herd, and will not be kicked by the hoof. Now corgi has no need to work hard and turned into the most popular pet dog. Many of my friends' dogs are Corgi. Small short legs, fat ass, small pointed ears! When it rains, the whole stomach is wet and haha, that is, the legs are short.
Although it is a puppy's body shape, the character is quite like a big dog, full of energy, like running, like to chase the ball, like to play with big dogs. When you are too excited, you will bark, for example, when the owner opens the door to go home~~ In addition, Corgi does not need to cut hair, they are hairy dogs.

German Shepherd

Height: 58-63 cm ;Weight: 22-49 kg ;Life: 10-12 years

The activity required: high; beauty frequency: medium
The German shepherd is so handsome. Clever, loyal, obedient, messy instructions will be ~~~ have to admit that the gap between dogs and dog IQ is still quite large. Some dogs really say that they are all unresponsive.
Going to the small park to walk the dog's friend, her family's Da Demu can gently put the owner's feet every time he squats, then quietly kneels, waiting for the next throw...
Let's take a look at my dog: Yuki; I can't come back after I finish the ball, roll on the lawn, it's easy to come back, don't put the ball down, and throw ten balls in ten minutes. Yuki threw a ball in ten minutes.
Again, German shepherd can't be kept at home all day. If you can't give enough energy to the dog, they won't be happy.

Border Collie

Height: 50-53 cm; Weight: 12-20 kg; Life: 10-12 years

The activity required: high; beauty frequency: medium
The IQ first dog is not blown out. Any search is a video of Border Collie, which is a well-deserved champion dog in the major dog IQ rankings. The independent and courageous character, endless energy, makes Bianmu the shepherd's preferred sheepdog.
Of course, this also determines that Bianmu is not suitable for everyone. If you don't have a big yard at home or don't have a lot of time to play with them, please avoid raising this kind of dog. Every day, keeping the animal husbandry at home will get sick...

Bernese Mountain

Height: 58-70cm; Weight: 32-54kg; Life: 10-12 years

The activity required: medium; beauty frequency: medium
With a Bernese Mountain going out, anyone can become a master of love! 100% of the search rate! Wide and thick head with natural drooping ears, looking super honest! And the limbs are strong, the chest is strong, and the hair is soft and shiny. There is a handsome prince atmosphere when you sit there~~~
Don't be fooled by appearances, it's actually a stupid big man~~~ character is too gentle and sunny, completely unintentional, not jealous, not provocative, no offensive, good to anyone, little child, everyone can take it away.... basically not called. When I go out to meet other dogs who want to say hello, they will squander. I don’t remember that I am a big dog with awesomeness. If I have little strength, I can’t control it. Need to train well.

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