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Not All Pet Dog Characters are Docile -5-WOPET

Not All Pet Dog Characters are Docile -5

Companion Dog

This is the variety that is cultivated as a pet. They don't need to hunt, don't need rescue, don't need to take care of the flock, don't need to look after the nursing home... just need to be quiet and accompany the owner. This is Companion Dog!
They are all very spoiled and don't need a lot of exercises. If you don't have a yard or live in an apartment building, it's a good fit.

French Bulldog

Height: 28-33cm; Weight: 11-13kg; Life: 11-13 years

Needs exercise: medium; beauty frequency: low
Where are the fans of French Bulldog! Among the puppies, the French Bulldog really does not love calling! This is really a worry. And it can be very good with big dogs. A character is also very sweet, sticky people will be spoiled. However, the body is really delicate, the stomach is weak, and it is easy to cause skin diseases. In summer, if the weather is too hot, excessive exercise will make it difficult to breathe. Not so skinny, need the owner to look after it.


Height: 25-28cm; Weight: 6-8kg; Life: 10-12 years

Need activity: low; beauty frequency: low
Pug originated from Chinese dogs~~~ Big eyes like black enamel glass beads, frowns, small ears, and a look of grievances! ! ! Especially cuddly and affectionate~~~ Sleeping and snoring sounds loud, gentle, stubborn, sticky, and get along well with little babies.
You don't need to comb your hair, and the amount of activity you need is not high. It's enough to throw a toy at home when you take a walk. Very suitable for apartment raising ~~~~~~


Height: 15-23cm; Weight: 2-3kg; Life: 12-15 years

Needs exercise: low; beauty frequency: medium
Chihuahua, you can take it away in your pocket! Really let us envy the big dog. It’s not too convenient to travel long distances or take a long trip by plane!
IQ is very high, and many instructions are taught. Flexible, sensitive, and a bit windy and easy to scream. Another point is that Chihuahua is very jealous. If you have a baby at home or have other dogs, you should consider it carefully.

Bichon Frise

Height: 23-28cm; Weight: 5-7kg; Life: 12-15 years

Needs exercise: low; beauty frequency: high
Bichon Frise looks good~~ A lot of girls like it! The rounded head is matched with a small smile, and the key is that it does not shed hair. It should be noted that although not lint, but want to look good, hair needs regular beauty, bathing, trimming, combing, are essential.
There is also Bichon Frise who does not like to stay alone, may be uneasy, this master must also slowly train from childhood. In addition, Bichon Frise needs people's attention very much. When you are young, you need to spend extra time training and teaching rules. Otherwise, you may grow up and scream, or jump up and down. As long as you go out and play with other dogs, teach the rules, Bichon Frise is a good pet dog!