Obesity in your cat: causes, consequences and treatment

Posted on December 18 2018

Obesity in your cat: causes, consequences and treatment

Fierce appetite, too rich foods, lack of activity, genetic predispositions ... The causes of obesity, in your cat, are various and varied. The result is the same: your cat is too big. Obesity puts his life in danger. It is necessary to react as quickly as possible. How to know if your cat is obese? What are the consequences ? How to cure it ? We give you the tips for action.

Obese from when?

There is a major difference between your cat's overweight and obesity . The term obesity can intervene only from a certain threshold . Your cat will be classified as obese if his weight exceeds 20% , at least, of his ideal weight . Each breed has an ideal weight . You should therefore be particularly careful if signs of overweight are obvious. The first is, of course, weighing . The other way to track the evolution of your feline's weight is palpation. For a cat with ideal weightyou must feel the ribs under the fat. Conversely, you will not feel anything if your animal is obese.

Causes of obesity

Your cat is obese . Above all, it is important to understand its origins . They are multiple.
  • His lifestyle is unsuitable. It does not activate enough , does not practice physical exercise .
  • His diet is not good. He eats too much or his croquettes are of poor quality . As a reminder, standard kibble has more fat than recommended premium kibble .
  • His age . Between 5 and 10 years old, a cat is more likely to become obese, because its activity decreases .
  • His race . All cats are not equal before obesity. Some breeds, like the European , are more likely to become so. The breeds of cats have less predisposition.
  • His sex . If your cat is a male, he is more likely to become obese than a cat. Especially if it is sterilized .
  • His behavior . Your cat may be anxious or depressed . He will find comfort , as a human being, in food .

The consequences of obesity

Like human obesity , the cat can cause many diseases , some of which are fatal. Of course, diabetes is number one. A large majority of obese cats suffer from diabetes mellitus , which may disappear over time. Then your cat may have liver lipidosis . Lipids (fats), too many in his blood , will come to dysfunction his liver . This leads to liver failure.

On the other hand, obesity favors the urinary affections because your cat has difficulties to move towards his litter. He will hold more. Your obese cat will see its morphology evolve . His tendons will have a harder time supporting his weight. Of osteoarthritis is not to be excluded, which will restrict his movements and exacerbate its weight. It is therefore important not to allow your cat to enter this vicious circle .

Finally, obesity will cause respiratory problems , such as early shortness of breath . The pressure generally appear.

From a total point of view, his life expectancy will be reduced to a trickle. If surgery is planned for other diseases, the risks associated with anesthesia will be greater.

How to treat obesity?

The definitive diagnosis of obesity will be given by your veterinarian. In connection with the latter, you will establish a program to lose weight to your cat. The health professional will first analyze the damage caused by this obesity. Then, he may give you medication to promote weight loss.

The latter can only take place with a change of diet , without necessarily affecting the food. You can opt for high quality croquettes to minimize carbohydrate intake. On the other hand, the protein intake will have to be revised downwards. You must favor the fibers . It is better to eat it better than at least , at least initially. His rations should be lowered only gradually , so that he is not hungry. This new diet will have to be kept.

This weight loss plan will only be consistent with regular physical activity . You will have to force your cat to move. You need to set up activities , such as games, where your cat will be able to work. Be careful, you must not under any circumstances tire your animal more than reason. Because of his obvious overweight, he will have to get used to spending himself, without being constantly out of breath. Physical activity will also stimulate your brain to think less about eating . It is also ideal for combating a behavioral disorder.

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Errors not to commit

Faced with the obvious obesity of your cat, you may want to answer this problem yourself. After all, why go through a veterinarian when the causes are obvious? So, you immediately act on his diet, reducing it drastically, then you make sure that your cat is activated . Avoid doing this.

An inadequate diet can cause deficiencies and trigger other illnesses. An excessive physical activity can have detrimental effects on a body already suffering. In any case, go through a health professional!

In summary

Your cat can become obese for many reasons. Your veterinarian will know them. He will bring a suitable treatment. It will act on your pet's diet , but also on his physical activity. In addition, he may prescribe medication.In any case, it is important to scrupulously respect this weight loss plan to avoid worsening the health of your feline. Obesity causes many fatal pathologies.

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