Our advice for feeding a cat in full breastfeeding

Posted on December 12 2018

Our advice for feeding a cat in full breastfeeding

The nutritional needs of your cat increase significantly during pregnancy, but also during breastfeeding. In order to give all her kittens, your cat must have a particularly rich diet. We explain why and how to achieve your goals.

Throughout her pregnancy, your cat has had her diet changed. Better, her rations were gradually increased to reach almost 100% of what she ate before. This allows, in particular, to give your cat all the fat that she needs to feed, thereafter, her young . His milk must be rich enough to meet the important needs of his kittens.

However, it is not because she gave birth that the specific food stops . On the contrary, you must maintain a diet that is adapted to your condition as a new mother.

What you need to know about breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, your cat can produce up to twice her weight in milk. This can go up to a dozen, even fifteen pounds of milk. In addition, this milkmust be rich in fat and protein , to ensure the first days, the first weeks of newborns.

At the end of her pregnancy, it is not uncommon for your cat to weigh 30 to 40% more than its base weight. The majority of this surplus comes from fat reserves . The kittens will feed the teats of their mother until 8 th week and early weaning. Above all, they will come to the charge several times a day , causing great fatigue to your cat.

The needs of your pussy

During breastfeeding, your cat will need an energetic surplus , with an above-average calorie intake . A classic diet can not offer your cat everything she needs to cover her expenses. In addition, you must ensure that the taurine content in donated foods is respected in order to give it sufficient protein . Be careful not to forget about lipids (fats) and carbohydrates .

It is not abnormal that just after calving, your cat will not eat anymore. Indeed, she will swallow the placentas of her kittens. A peculiarity that lasts about 24 hours. It produces colostrum, which is the first food swallowed by the kitten. After that, his needs are equivalent to those of gestation. Namely a rich diet , including protein.

What to feed your lactating cat?

Do not modify the diet given during pregnancy. Your cat will have to swallow premium kibble specially designed for its quality as a new mother, or swallow kibble croquettes . These allow the transmission , by milk, of everything the kitten needs to grow well.

Maintaining the same diet as during pregnancy also prevents shoving the gut, and therefore the risk of diarrhea that leads to it .

How much ?

Your cat must have food available, and must have the opportunity to eat at will. Do not worry, she will be able to regulate herself according to her hunger. You must maintain the rations given at the end of pregnancy, because your nursing cat needs more calories than a pregnant cat. However, its weight will not vary much, since it will give a lot of milk every day.

Above all, you must make sure that it has water at all times. Your cat needs a lot of hydration.

A suitable diet until when?

This specific diet should last until weaning kittens, that is to say after 8 weeks. From the moment the kittens begin to eat solid, and therefore kibble adaptedto their condition, you can gradually reintroduce more classic food to your cat. Her needs will decrease and she will return slowly, but surely, to her pre-gestation ration.

In summary

The needs of a nursing cat are much the same as a pregnant cat. She spends more calories, since she kills her kittens several times a day. She will need food constantly nearby, as well as water. It is important to maintain this specific diet until complete weaning, around the eighth week of the kittens.

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