Our advice for feeding a pregnant cat

Posted on December 12 2018

Our advice for feeding a pregnant cat

The diet is adapted to each cat. There is of course a maximum dose not to exceed, so as not to overfeed your protect. Except in one case: the gestation of your cat. As such, a specific food must be given to him. It will ensure the good health of your pet. We bring you our advice.

The duration of a gestation, for your cat, varies from 60 to 70 days. The work usually begins between the 60th and 65th day. Two months during which your cat will have to pay attention. The caresses of sweet words and in the center of it all, a diet tailored to her pregnant female condition.

The needs of your pregnant cat

At each stage of her life, your cat will need some nutrition. The more the gestation of your cat comes to an end, the more his needs increase. Thus, your cat will have to receive more protein to meet its energy expenditure . You will often find, in specialized stores , complete formulas for pregnant cats. They will meet all the needs in minerals and vitamins that are needed.

It is a fact. During gestation, your cat must be able to support his body , but also those fetuses present in his body. She must also prepare for breastfeeding . For that, reservations must be made. Do not forget the calciumintake , which will be beneficial.

What food ?

From a few weeks of pregnancy , you must feed your cat with a specific diet . It is on sale in specialized stores. You can also opt for kitten food. Of kibblefully adapted to the condition of your cat. They will bring all the necessary energy, but also the nutrients essential to the good development of its gestation.

Again, be patient in setting up this diet . You must go gradually .

In addition, this kitten food has an advantage, provided it is maintained until weaning . The kittens, once born, will be more inclined to eat these croquettes.

How much food?

The amount of food to distribute to your cat increases gradually and according to the progress of her pregnancy. On average, you need to increase your ration by 10% each week. Above all, it is important that your pregnant cat has available its croquettes . She must never miss it.

Rest assured, your cat knows how to control herself and, when she is no longer hungry, will not go eat by greed. Above all, you allow your cat to take enough fat . Fat important in the perspective of breastfeeding.

However, by the end of pregnancy, your cat may be less hungry . The explanation lies in the place taken by the fetuses in the uterus . This compresses the stomach. In this case, it is advisable to propose several small meals throughout the day to your cat.

In addition to water, you must not forget the water .

The monitoring of its weight

There is no question of having an obese cat at the end of gestation. Conversely, your cat should not be too thin, on pain of being too weak to feed her young. Ideally, your cat should take 40% of its normal weight during pregnancy. Never again. Thus, if your cat weighs 5 kg initially, it should not exceed 7 kg on arrival.

The slightest overweight must be corrected before giving, otherwise it will be difficult to extract newborns. Same thing for underweight birth, which can cause low amounts of fat and therefore insufficiently rich milk.

In summary

During her pregnancy, your cat can take up to 40% of her basic weight. A logical increase, because it must make fat reserves to feed its young at birth. His daily ration should increase by about 10% each week. She must have access all day to her food. The basic diet, for a pregnant female, is based on kittens for kittens. They increase its caloric gain and provide nutrients, calcium, vitamins and proteins to your cat.

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