Periodic visit to the veterinarian for the cat

Posted on December 12 2018

Periodic visit to the veterinarian for the cat

Your cat needs daily attention. His care must be regular and correspond to his attention as well as his well-being and his hygiene. At the same time, you should never neglect a round trip, even fast, to your vet. The latter will carry out a complete examination. A sort of essential and reassuring check-up.

Your cat does not just share his life with you. Another person, of confidence, interferes. This is his vet. Thus, it is crucial to opt for a health professional who will reassure you and provide the best care to your cat. A veterinarian should not be consulted only in case of a serious health problem . On the contrary, the best cure is prevention.

The first visit to the veterinarian

This is the starting point for so-called periodic visits . The first is surely the most important . It allows your veterinarian to create a link with your pet. Better, he will give him his first aid. In particular, he will vaccinate your cat against serious and deadly diseases . A vaccination to do after 2 months of life, once your cat weaned.

Thus, 4 vaccines are recommended: leukosis, typhus, common cold and rabies. The cost varies depending on the chosen cocktail . You can easily have it for 160 €. Do not forget the reminder of the first vaccination the following month, as well as each year . During this first year, your vet will also deworm your cat against all worms, external and internal . It is not obligatory, but strongly recommended.

The annual visit

It allows to anticipate the appearance of certain potentially serious diseases, even to detect them at the right moment . Your vet will do a real check-up of your cat. It will benefit, especially, to make reminders essential vaccines to avoid premature death.

The visit can last several tens of minutes. Your cat will be inspected from headto foot . Your veterinarian will perform a thorough inspection of the coat of your cat. He looks for possible external parasites , such as lice or fleas . He could prescribe a pest control to put on your cat in prevention. This advice can also be given on your first visit to the veterinarian . Regular treatments to apply to minimize the risk of appearance of these cumbersome beasts.

Your veterinarian will also check your cat's claws , ears and eyes for any 
suspicious leaking . He will observe his oral cavity for a possible infection . If necessary, he may take a blood test for a blood test to rule out other underlying and invisible pathologies. Of course, additional exams will be, if the results are not good, requested. A palpation looking for size will be made.

The weight of your cat will be checked. A food rebalancing may be advised by your veterinarian, in case of overweight or obesity. Heart rate and checking the behavior of your cat will also be analyzed.

The annual visit is also an opportunity to talk to your veterinarian. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions that go through your head. Have him put together the remarks made during the past year. Every word can be life saving and can help the health professional to know your companion better.

Other visits to make?

At the slightest health concern, do not hesitate to run to your vet. The latter is not only there to prevent diseases , but also, and especially to treat them . The older your cat gets, the more fragile it will be and can get sick more easily. Some tumors may also develop .

Throughout his life, it is also possible to castrate your male, or sterilize your female. This can prevent some unpleasant behavior in everyday life, especially during heat in the pussy. Take advice from your veterinarian.

In summary

The inspection visit must be at least annual. It allows you to make the essential reminders of vaccination of your feline. This will prevent him from developing incurable and deadly diseases. These annual visits are the best way to detect silent pathologies before they develop more deeply. These visits should not be neglected to avoid dramatic imponderables.

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