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Pet Can Be You Baby's Parents-WOPET

Pet Can Be You Baby's Parents

Sleeping is also a profession? I want to experience it!

Today's pets are doing a lot of strange careers: accompanying meals, chatting and sleeping.

Now I am sleeping with my baby, please don't take pictures!

Come take a look at these sleeping photos...

Baby, mom is not at home, you will sleep with me for an afternoon.

I am holding you, just like Ma-Ma!

For a long time, you finally fell asleep.

The mission is complete, now I have to go for a while.

Take a photo, don't turn on the flash, wake up the baby, are you jealous?

Look at your little head, always here, I will block you.

Let me enjoy it today, sleep for a while, don't complain about Ma Ma!

Is my body much more comfortable than a small quilt?

Oops, little baby, I am willing to sleep with you, who told you so cute.

Left one, I like both sides, absolutely not weird.

baby! How long have you been sleeping? I can't help it anymore.

After reading these photos, I really feel very warm. The dog looked so softly at the baby's eyes that the small eyes seemed to melt.

However, if you have a dog and a child, you must know how important it is to see the baby in the dog's heart.

When I was a child, this dog will take care of your baby when the baby grows up. He will take care of the dog, which is good!