Pet is Like Baby

Posted on March 30 2019

Pet is Like Baby-WOPET

Shiba Inu saw the newly bought crib and ended up lying in it.  Dog: I am also a baby!


A friend of Japan has raised a Shiba Inu. In fact, many families who like dogs in Japan will have a Shiba Inu. Even if the family already has a baby, the pet owner will not mind letting the child get in touch with it. Instead, they will become a good friend.


The pet owner’s baby is more than one year old, but the dog at home is almost 2 years old. If the dog is a small master’s brother by age, the Shiba Inu looks gentle and gentle to the little owner. But it is a bit jealous.


A few days ago, my friend shared a funny thing, in order to let the baby sleep better at home, pet owners deliberately bought a baby cots for the children to sleep, did not expect the dog to see the crib, and that this is The owner bought the kennel for it, so it is also welcome.


The dog saw a blanket on the crib, and the weather was very cold a few days ago, so it took the initiative to climb the crib, then lay there and slept, very comfortable, it seems this guy I really think of myself as a baby.


The dog seems to enjoy the little master's crib. It seems to fall asleep when it is lying inside, but the pet owner said that this small shaker is now a Shiba Inu and a small owner. They are now taking asleep on this shaker.


However, some friends feel very worried. They are afraid that the Shiba Inu will be in conflict with the small master. After all, the dog is also a very sensitive animal, and it is also jealous.


Me: Looking at the way the Shiba Inu finally fell asleep, I really enjoyed it.

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