Physical activity of the cat

Posted on December 13 2018

Physical activity of the cat

Is your cat exclusively indoor or can he go out? Depending on this response, you will have to modulate the physical exercises of your feline. Like a human, he needs to spend himself daily to satisfy his body. We explain how to make him frolic.

Why exercise?

The exercise is ideal to fight against the sedentary lifestyle . This is true for humans, this is also the case for cats. In lack of activities, your cat may be a little overweight , be subject to diseases related to his corpulence as obesity . It therefore seems essential to make him do physical activity .

Of course, it will not lose weight if your feline is overweight , but it will maintain its condition and it will allow its muscles to grow . In fact, it will allow him to burn more easily his calories in excess, and thus to refine his silhouette.

Activities for an indoor cat

Whether a cat is indoor or outdoor, its energy expenditure will essentially play . This is the case when he is still a kitten. This will be the case later. Your feline can play all his life if he wants.

In apartment or house, if your cat does not appreciate the contact with the outside, you absolutely must have a scratching post . Your cat will ride on it regularly. This is a beginning that must be followed by other media. For example, get a laser . Your cat will be perpetually hunting for light that will come out of its end. Run it around your home. He will have as much fun as you.

Of course, you can opt for a ball or a mouse to hunt , but also for a feather attached to a fishing rod . In the latter case, your animal will try to catch the feather. He will do good. It's also great for working on your joints.

Activities for an outdoor cat

An outdoor cat will enjoy going out of his home , going on an adventure with you. So you can enjoy a walk with him, holding him by a harness or a leash. Walking is a way of spending oneself.

You can also install games in your garden, if you have one. A bit like agility sessions for dogs, but with smaller accessories. For example, create tunnels , slaloms and bridges with some climbs. A circuit easy enough to allow him to spend himself.

Finally, we suggest you keep all activities for indoor cat , including the scratching post , a must. Your cat is always in demand of games.

Facing a lazy cat?

There are several activities , all already seen above, to get out of his sloth your cat. If the latter tends to prefer to purr in the fireside rather than activate? So, get out of here. Laser, feather duster, flashlight, cardboard or crumpled paper ... everything is good to interest your cat and get him to awaken his senses and move. Once again, pique his curiosity and bring him to play. This is the best way to reach your ultimate goal. What's more, you will take pleasure in taking you to the game.

In summary

Your cat wants to play constantly. Thus, it is rather easy to attract him to games that will force him to spend. He will not see this as sport. You, yes. Many games allow him to strengthen his muscles and thus burn his calories faster. You have to redouble your efforts if your cat is a little lazy. But, promised, you should not have too much trouble.

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