Playing with your cat indoors

Posted on December 13 2018

Playing with your cat indoors

Your cat does not go out and prefers to spend his days inside your home? This is not a reason for him not to practice a little exercise. The game brings many benefits and allows you to get closer to your cat. There is a plethora of indoor games. We explain which ones and why it is crucial to play with your pet.

How is the game important?

The game brings many benefits to your cat. It allows him first of all to talk physically . Who says maintenance, says fight against the potential diseases . He strengthens his immune defenses , solidifies his body. Yes, the game is good for his health . In addition, if your cat has osteoarthritis, for example, it is strongly recommended to move it daily . To stimulate one's physical and motor abilities.

Playing is also a good way for him to fight against stress. The game soothes your feline who will think of something else. Above all, the game often goes hand in hand with an optimal concentration for what it does, in addition to a certain physical expense. This will have the effect of calming his ardor later. To tire him and, consequently, to relax him .

Indoor play also often has to go through you. Playing with your cat will strengthen your complicity . This will create links , or more. You will offer yourself, together, those moments that will bring you closer.

Finally, the game prevents your cat from getting bored . There is nothing worse than boredom . Fight against the monotony by captivating it , in the middle of an environment not very conducive to the blossoming, especially if you live in apartment.

Why does he like to play?

The game develops its qualities of hunter and predator. Indoors, it will be one of the only ways for him to make these predispositions. It also allows him to open up even more socially. Your cat is constantly playing. For him, this is an integral part of life . There is no evolution that does not go through the game. Moreover, when you try to educate it, you also have to go through these games sometimes.

His favorite games

Your cat will particularly appreciate any feather or fabric toys . The best known and without dispute the game of the fishing rod or that of the feather duster . It's very simple: you hook a piece of cloth on a stick. You twirl the latter over your cat who will have one desire: catch him. For the feather duster, it's exactly the same.

Of course, you can opt for balls . He loves it. And then, you will not forget the little mice , or toys in the shape of a mouse. This is an opportunity to appreciate its speed of movement and dexterity throughout your home.

Your cat will also love toys with one or more rewards . That will stimulate him further and he will know that if he does things well, he will be able to enjoy a little treat or croquette .

We can no longer ignore a game that is becoming democratized: the laser . Quietly installed in your sofa, get yourself a laser. Your cat will try to catch the red dot. He will be on his heels without ever catching it.

Finally, there are obviously the toys that will develop the claws of your cat. The cat tree is a must in your home, just like a scratching post . This prevents him from attacking your furniture ...

Precautions to take

Never let your cat play unattended. Especially for games like the fishing rod , where you must participate, or even the laser. In fact, it's only when he climbs on his cat tree that you can lay out. For the rest, watch for it, especially if it tends to climb everywhere, including your most expensive furniture.

Also be careful that it does not ingest any dangerous material, such as wool if it is playing with a ball, or plastic. This could cause bowel obstruction or worse.

When playing with you, banish any scratches and aggressive behavior . He must not confuse you with his toy. If he has a tendency to bite you slightly, set him a firm "no", and resume the game once he has calmed down.

Multiply the games . This is the best way he does not fall into a certain routine and he gets tired.

In summary

Your indoor cat must play for many reasons:
  • It is spent physically and psychically
  • This strengthens the bonds between him and you
  • This boosts his hunter and predator abilities
  • It's good for his health
  • It avoids being bored
Your cat lives to play. Life is a game and it will let you know. Plethora of activities are possible and recommended. You must vary them to avoid weariness. Above all, you must always be there by his side when playing, to prevent any mishap.

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