Precautions to take in case of dog bites

Posted on November 19 2018

Precautions to take in case of dog bites

Among the cases of bites inflicted by pets, 9 out of 10 are made by dogs. These bites can be more or less serious and require care at varying intensity. What if it happens?

The danger following a dog bite results to the wound itself, but also to the germs and microbesthat are deposited there. When such an accident occurs, we must react quickly on all fronts: the side of the master and his dog on the one hand, and the side of the person who has been bitten by the other.

Dog bite: what dangers for the person bitten?

When a person is bitten by a dog, it suffers first of all from the wound that can be more or less deep . Often, the largest injuries are caused by larger dogs , because of the size and power of their jaws. But the bites of small dogs are not safe either.

The severity of the bite is determined by its depth, the affected tissue and the risk of infection . In case of bite by a dog, it must indeed also take into consideration the bacteriological risks it entails. By biting, the animal is likely to deposit in the wound a variety of germs, bacilli and microbes: Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium tetani (responsible for tetanus), Pasteurella canis, etc.

The dog bites that are often the most worrying are those that reach the face , because they can leave important aesthetic consequences (lips, cheeks, nose ...).

Many of these accidents occur in younger children . Clumsy, not knowing enough the behavior of canines, they are victims of reflex bite following unfortunate actions on their part: pulling him by the tail, take him an object, disturb him while he eats, drive him into a corner, jostling him ... Hence the need to learn as soon as possible to his children to respect the animal and adopt the appropriate attitude towards him.

The injured person

The person who has been bitten must be taken to hospital urgently . In the first place, his wound is cleaned with soap and water with a compress. The wound must be devoid of any foreign body.

Then, it is disinfected by the application of an antiseptic, but it is sutured immediately in case of bite in the face. Otherwise, the wound is left open for 3 days before suturing. During this time, she is protected by a fatty dressing changed daily.

If it is impossible to know if rabies vaccines are up-to-date in dogs, tetanus and antirabies may be necessary. The ideal would be to be able to bring back the animal to be examined.

The responsibility of the master

The master of the dog who caused a bite injury bears the responsibility . As such, he is legally obliged to pay the veterinary supervision costs of his animal, which is itself imposed by law. If it does not bend, there is possibility to file a complaint with the town hall, or even the gendarmerie.

In addition, the holder of the animal must submit the vaccination certificate of his dog, which must go through 3 exams in the space of 15 days. The purpose of the approach is to detect a possible case of rabies.

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