Prevent your cat from scratching

Posted on December 24 2018

Prevent your cat from scratching

A cat does not claw at random. This is not a sign of malice on his part. Your cat's scratch can mean many things. We decipher them and help you stop them.

Why does your cat scratch?

Several reasons for this behavior resulting from miscommunication rather than nastiness.

  • The weaning was not complete. Retired too soon to her mother, or abandoned by her, your kitten has not finished his emotional weaning . He has greater emotional instability . For this purpose, he may develop uncontrolled aggression . This behavior can be compared to hyperactivity in a young boy. You must avoid games with your kitten overflowing. It must not bite you or scratch you. In this case, immediately stop the game and ignore it. You must adapt to his emotional fragility.
  • Your cat is simply clawing. It attacks your tapestry, your curtains, your furniture. It's a way for him to mark his territory . Indeed, it deposits on the objects its pheromones by means of its pads. Clawing is also a way of stretching for your cat.
  • Your cat has developed a tendency to scratch playing with you. Indeed, you offer him your hands constantly. If he claws you and you do not push him back, he will consider it a game and start again, thinking you like it. In fact, your cat will take bad habits , which will not leave him as an adult.
  • Your cat is bored . On your return from work, he jumps on your legs and claws in passing. He tries to communicate with you, to get you the message. He may not have enough toys, you do not spend enough time with him. This causes stress in him and leads to this behavior primarily due to frustration.

What to do to fight scratches

  • Offer him a scratching post at an early age. Thus, your cat will be able to let off steam and not on your furniture, tapestries or woodwork. You will not forget to congratulate your cat as soon as he makes his claws on it.
  • Have the right behavior in case of scratches during a game or a caress. Turn away from your cat and make him understand that he did not act as he should.
  • You can install a polyethylene film on your sofa. Your cat does not like this material and will not be tempted to scratch it. Also use aluminum foil for the armrests of your sofa.
  • You can use cat repellents based on vinegar, lemon, eucalyptus. These repellents contain soothing hormones that will prevent your cat from defiling your furniture.

In summary

Clawing does not mean wickedness in your cat. For him, this is a way to communicate with you. The fruit of a relationship that has deteriorated, a misunderstanding born, an underlying malaise, bad adopted reflexes or weaning not finished.

In any case, it will be necessary to rectify this behavior as soon as possible so that it does not persist. Cat tree and scratching posts will give your cat a suitable place to satisfy his impulses. You can cover your furniture and sofas with several materials, but also use specific repellents to soothe your cat.

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