Prevent your dog from biting: how to do it?

Posted on November 19 2018

Prevent your dog from biting: how to do it?

A tail accidentally trampled, a clumsy gesture or the feeling, in the dog, of being trapped, and that is the accident. It can begin to bite in response to this situation, with more or less unfortunate consequences. To avoid bites, this requires a lot of understanding on the part of the master and the canine educator.

The fact of biting is very instinctive and natural to many animals, especially among our canine friends. They do it to defend themselves , but not only. In general, these are often puppies that nibble during a game situation . Bites are often the expression of a malaise , torments whose origins go back to the very first weeks of the dog's life. These doggies are traumatized because they are torn off too early from their mother and / or victims of abuse.

Bites, be they harmless ones of a puppy or the most dangerous ones of an adult with the powerful jaw, are to inhibit as soon as possible. How to react when they occur and how to ensure that it does not happen again?

What can push a dog to bite?

In many cases, dogs that tend to bite easily are victims of inadequate socialization and education.

Everything begins, indeed, shortly after his birth. The fundamental bases of life in society, behaviors to have with others, are acquired with his mother and his brothers and sisters . The young puppy uses his mouth a lot to discover the world around him. He begins to instinctively nibble at his family members and gradually realizes that he can not do it without consequence; by doing so, it causes shouts that push him to immediately stop the game or is bitten in turn.

The socialization of the puppy is also the period during which he learns to inhibit his desire to bite. By removing the young animal too early from its biological family circle (before 8 weeks), it is deprived of this precious opportunity to learn how to behave with other individuals. The consequences on his personality are extremely negative and, in adulthood, he will not only bite; he will be able to destroy all kinds of objects, to make his needs everywhere , to multiply the fugues or to be overly fearful.

In addition to the after-effects of a difficult youth, the feeling of being in danger or trapped can drive a dog to bite, sometimes even if he has been properly educated. Faced with something threatening him, the dog will try to flee at first . If he finds himself cornered, without any possibility of escape, he will have no choice but to defend himself by biting.

How to avoid bites and react when they occur?

It is repeated: the best way to have a dog that does not bite systematically is to provide him with education and socialization of quality.

He must also integrate the basic orders that allow him to be controlled, to bring him back to his senses in some way, when he becomes aggressive: sitting, lying down, abseiling, not pulling the leash, etc.

It is important to prevent the puppy from biting quickly enough. When dealing with a very young dog, nibbling is harmless and even amusing , but if this behavior is not corrected, it will become problematic as his jaw grows stronger and his fangs grow, with significant risks. of injuries.

It is therefore necessary to imitate the behavior of the brothers and sisters by shouting "ouch" or a "no" firm or simply utter a scream every time he begins to bite, to make him understand that it hurts you. Immediately after, we retire for a few tens of seconds by ignoring it , then we resume the game by reproducing the same gesture with each bite.

The same pattern can be applied with an older dog, who continues to nibble on his master or other people. As soon as, during the game, he tries to catch the hand or the leg, a firm "stop" or "stop" must be against him. The game is then interrupted for a moment, during which time it is important to stop paying attention to the dog. This pause and this way of ignoring it will make him calm down.

This attitude must be repeated systematically, because it is only in this way that the dog will be able to understand and conform to it.

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