Prevent your dog from jumping on people

Posted on November 16 2018

Prevent your dog from jumping on people

A dog that keeps jumping on people can be a source of embarrassment for them. This is a behavior that is imperative to correct when puppy, because the problem can be very restrictive in adulthood and with a greater weight.

What can be cute and fun for a young puppy can become extremely problematic as he grows up. This is what happens when a dog takes the bad habit of jumping on his master and all the people he meets.

Although this behavior is even more annoying when dealing with a large dog , it is not more pleasant when adopted by a smaller animal that keeps bouncing. How to teach your dog not to jump on people? The answer is simple: exercises, rewards and a lot of patience.

Why is the dog jumping?

This is the kind of scene that many dog ​​owners are entitled to: back home, the impatient animal stands behind the door, totally excited . As soon as his master appears, he jumps on him , yapping and barking. Of course, this manifestation of joy is not blameworthy in itself, but it becomes a source of inconvenience in various cases.

This is a bad habit that owners should not encourage . It usually reflects the dog 's willingness to attract the attention of his master or any person he has in front of him.

Jumping on people does not necessarily correspond to dominant behavior. It is a way for the animal to express its joy and enthusiasm towards you. This is not related to the breed or the size of the dog.

Behavior that can cause a lot of problems

The habit that some dogs have to jump on people is extremely troublesome , especially for guests. It can also be dangerous for children, who may be frightened or even spilled under the weight of the animal.

This behavior is also bad for the dog himself. The entire posterior part of his body undergoes the effects of repeated and frequent vertical leaps, especially the hind legs whose joints end up suffering.

Things not to do

To try to stop this behavior, let's exclude violence . Moreover, this one has no place in the education of the dog whatever its aspect. Far from favoring her obedience, she is, on the contrary, counterproductive and extremely harmful to her personality. The animal may become fearful or aggressive .

Getting to scream does not give good results. Again, cries and aggression only create confusionin the dog's mind: he is happy to see his master and does not understand why the latter reprimands him.

The attitude to have: calm and firmness

On the contrary, it is advisable to be calm when the dog starts to jump. The best attitude to adopt is to stop dead , not to look at it directly and to order it to stop : "no", "stop", "stop" or "not jump". The order must be pronounced clearly and firmly , but without shouting. It must be associated with a gesture of the index and immediately followed by the order "sitting" . As soon as the dog runs, it is rewarded by giving him a treat. If it starts to jump, we start again from the beginning.

The exercise should be repeated as many times as necessary for the dog to display the desired behavior. Then you can repeat this exercise with a friend that the dog does not often meet. This will help your dog understand and assimilate an order that remains valid with visitors .

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