Products to reduce your pet's stress

Posted on March 30 2018

Products to reduce your pet's stress

The stress on our pets is more common than you think and often denoted with inappropriate behavior, mood swings or lack of appetite. These aspects are related to anxiety, and can affect your body and coexistence with us.

Our pets may feel stressed for several reasons: fear of fireworks, fear of storms, moving to a new home, a new member in the family (babies), being locked in a cage, visits to the vet, getting lost or the fear of being alone.

For these situations of anxiety, there are methods that help control the restlessness of your pet. We present 3 types of products that you can give to your dog or cat to prevent or calm your stress:

  • Pheromones 

Pheromones (DAP) are chemical substances that the mother releases after childbirth, this helps to generate a link between the mother and her litter. Being an important aspect to transmit security to pets.

  • Products: Adaptil (dogs) and Feliway (cats).
  • Presentations: Spray, plug or necklace. 
  • Bach flowers

Bach flower formulas help with the emotional problems involved with nervousness and stress. In addition, it is a natural product, it is not a medicine and it has no side effects.

  • Products: Blossom Drops

Formulas: Caress, Confidence, Emotional Recovery, Sweet Home and more. (bottles of 30 ml and 50 ml)

  • Natural pills 

These pills are made with natural ingredients and help regulate your pet's stress levels.

  • Products: Pet Naturals
  • Presentations: Calming for large / small dogs and calming for cats. (Bags of 31.5 gr).

From a series of attitudes and behaviors, we can detect the stress of our pet. So, keep abreast of these causes of anxiety so that you can protect and take care of it:

  • Excessive barking, destructive behaviors, doing your needs in places you should not, hyperactivity, licking objects and anyone who comes to your house. 

Remember that in these national holidays our puppies tend to get very upset. Therefore, we advise you to have some of these products to calm your pet of pyrotechnics.

Wopet brings innovative convenient products as automatic pet feeder to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by taking care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pets daily life.

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