Punish your dog well: our advice and methods

Posted on November 15 2018

Punish your dog well: our advice and methods

Punishment is one of the possible methods to correct the behavior of your dog. To reprimand or modify the behavior of your dog who does stupid things: punishment remains a necessary evil. But then, how to punish intelligently? Can punishment have harmful consequences in the long run?

To make your dog understand that he has done something wrong, the punishment must be given in a timely manner, with tact and pedagogy and not with gratuitous violence. Here are some important tips for punishing your dog. The punishment should not be given at random to your dog.

He will always have to understand why he has had to go so he does not do it again. Avoid giving him bad reasons, because your punishment could be counterproductive and thus produce the opposite effect. A good punishment is given at the right time.

When to punish your dog?

It is not always easy to punish your dog in the right timing . Reprimanding your dog too late, several hours (or more than 20 minutes) after the unwanted behavior, can cause a sense of injustice at home. The dog does not remember what he did before, he lives in the moment .

Make sure you take it on the record and never repress it wrongly. For example, excessive barkingmay be caused by a person deliberately annoying your dog or the presence of a cat or an insect.

Another example not to imitate: when you come home after an absence of several hours, you see that your dog remained at home relieved and pee on the floor of your home. Result: you punish him, raise the tone, you confront him to his "stupidity". Unfortunately, he forgot that he is responsible for this act. On the contrary, it will associate your return, as a punishment and may be afraid every time you cross your front door.

Punishing your dog well: do's and don'ts

The bad methods ...

The violent actions such as kicking or slapping are prohibited methods and forget . Physical abuse can make your dog fearful, even aggressive, and break the bond of trust between you and him and especially cause serious physical injury (fractures, severe pain, bleeding).

Avoiding accessories such as strangler collars can damage the trachea and many other conditions may appear. Same thing for the electric collars when it barks a little too much to your liking . These often emit a beep before sending the discharge. In the long term, this beep can disturb the behavior of the dog who will be afraid as soon as he hears a ringing phone, an alarm clock or the timer of the microwave.

The only technique with the dividing hand is to take it by the skin of the neck . However, this method is not recommended even if some people think that it reminds the dog, the way his mother could sometimes take it by the neck when he was puppy.

Good methods ...

In any case, the punishment must remain an exceptional and educational act. Your dog must be able to differentiate between good and bad, in other words forbidden and authorized.

For that :

  • Be consistent : all family members must like you apply to the dog the same rules. Access to the sofa or in your room must be prohibited or allowed by everyone. If not, your dog may be completely lost.
  • Be firm, but not violent : to change his behavior, the punishment must be given automatically and whenever the unwanted behavior occurs. Avoid hitting your dog with your hand, in which case each of your approaches for a caress may frighten him.

Completely ignoring your companion can also be experienced as a punishment by your dog. The dog remains an intelligent and very affectionate animal, he will not like if his master does not take care of him anymore. In isolating him , he will understand that he did something wrong and that you did not like it.

You can also withdraw the reward when your dog has a desired behavior. The frustrationgenerated by this loss of reward should, in the long run, make him understand what he must do to again enjoy a treat.

In summary

A good punishment is done:

  • With consistency
  • Firmly
  • In the right timing
  • Without physical violence

You must proscribe at all costs:

  • Physical relentlessness
  • Strangler and electric collars
  • Direct remorse and prolonged punishment

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