Rates of veterinary care for cats

Posted on December 13 2018

Rates of veterinary care for cats

Throughout its life, your cat will need to be followed by a veterinarian. Expenses are already important to prevent all diseases. If your cat develops others, the bill can amount to several hundred euros per year.

Immunization, a must

At the end of weaning, your cat sees the antibodies given by his mother stop working. In fact, he finds himself defenseless against certain diseases. After about 2 months, it is recommended to vaccinate your cat against several diseases:

  • Leucose
  • The Typhus
  • The Coryza
  • Rabies

Count between 60 and 80 € the first vaccine (it depends on the cocktail). A house cat will need only a vaccine against Typhus and Coryza , unlike a cat that is used to go out more, and must be protected against Leucosis and especially Rabies , although rare . You will mainly need to make the reminder of the first vaccination a month later and vaccinate your cat every year.

Count then approximately 130 to 160 € of vaccines for the first year, then 60 to 80 € per year thereafter.

Ritual care

Your cat will consult his veterinarian regularly if there is any doubt about a disease or problem such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc. A basic consultation with a veterinarian costs on average between 30 and 40 €. You will also have to think about sterilizing your cat . It will cost you between 120 and 180 €.

Diseases and other surgical procedures

  • Illness represents the majority of the expenses you will spend throughout your cat's life. You must make sure you can use all means to keep your cat healthy as long as possible. Some fees are very expensive at the vet.
  • The only laboratory analysis can vary from single to double. Thus, a blood test can be around 80 € when a simple blood count reaches just 30 € . In the presence of tumor, biopsies generally turn around 60-65 €.
  • Further examinations such as a chest x-ray (70-90 €), an ultrasound (100-110 €), a Doppler (120 €) can quickly exceed the hundred euros .
  • A consultation for gastroenteritis can increase the bill to 80 €, an otitis 90 €.
  • A hospitalization of your cat can rise from the simple to the quadruple a day (from 10 to 50 €).
  • Sometimes your cat may need to be asleep to pass some exams. A digestive or respiratory endoscopy could cost you from 300 to 700 €, a scanner is of the order of 300 to 400 € and a session of radiotherapy can reach 1 500 €.
  • A surgical operation following a fracture can rise from 200 to 500 €.

Some surgeries, such as a chest wall reconstruction , will cost you over € 2,000 .
Remember that every veterinarian has the right to apply his own tariff . This one will vary according to the professional which you will have in front of you.

On average and as an indication, your cat will cost 600 € per year between food and care. A good part of this € 600 goes directly to the health section of your pet.

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