Reasons why you should not scold your puppy

Posted on April 11 2018

Reasons why you should not scold your puppy

For many years it was believed that the use of physical scolding and punishment to "educate" dogs was the only way to achieve it. So much was the dissemination of these ideas that still persists in many people the belief that if a dog is not shouted or hit, it will never learn. Nothing is further from reality.

According to several studies , dogs that are beaten or punished as a form of discipline , not only fail to understand the message that their owner wants to send them in most cases, but learn to be afraid of their owner (instead of respect, which is not the same), besides that it is very common for them to exhibit aggressive behaviors that, of course, get worse over time.

In other words, what science tells us about it is that if you want a dog that is calm, affectionate, educated and mentally balanced, physical punishment and scolding are not the option at all. And, if you have a new puppy, you will definitely want it to grow into a self-confident, well-behaved and non-fearful and aggressive dog.

Fortunately, there are already other alternatives that allow puppies and adult dogs to be educated without resorting to cruelty, such as the so-called positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is a technique to train dogs, among other species, always focusing on the right actions instead of the incorrect ones. That is, each time your dog does exactly what you want him to do, then you must give him a reward for it.

These rewards may depend on the personality of your dog. There are some dogs that are very motivated if you give them an edible prize like these , but others prefer a few congratulatory words and many apapachos . Or you can do everything at the same time. Everything will depend on you analyze what works for your dog.

And, on the contrary, when your dog has done something wrong, it is recommended to ignore what happened. For example, if you came to your house after being at work for 8 hours and you see that your puppy broke one of your shoes, there is no point in you shouting and scolding him. Because of the way your memory works , you will have no idea that you are scolding him for the broken shoe. Clearly he will get scared and he will behave submissively, but this does not mean he feels "guilt" for what happened.

Only if you handle it with "hands in the dough" , you must stop it at the moment by saying a firm "no" (without screams, blows, threats or anything similar) and channeling its behavior towards something else. For example, if you see that he is going to pee on the carpet, say "no" and immediately take him out to the garden or the street to do it there.

The key to positive reinforcement is in the timing of giving the right prize at the time the correct action happens.

Many owners say that using a tool like a clicker helps them to mark this moment. A clicker is a device that literally makes a clicking noise when you crush it . Also, with it you can help your dog associate the "click" sound as an indication that you are satisfied with what he did.

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