Signs of Cancer in pets?

Posted on April 19 2018

Signs of Cancer in pets?

Did you know that cancer is one of the most common diseases in animals? Sometimes we think it only affects humans, but we are wrong. Cancer is one of the main causes of the death of dogs and cats.

Although the signs of pets that we will mention below are not indicative of cancer, if you start to notice them, you should take them to the veterinarian immediately. As with humans, if cancer is detected early, better.

Masses or protuberances
Although not all the protuberances that present the skin of your dog are cancerous, it is important that you observe that it is not increasing its size, it is advisable to take it to the veterinarian to perform a biopsy and can know if the cells are carcinogenic or not.

Abnormal odors
We believe that the bad smells of our pets are normal. You should know that cancer of the mouth, nose or anal regions also cause bad odor, so it is always better to take it to a periodic review.

Blood, vomit, pus and diarrhea? They are always signs that something is not right, in addition, if your pet has a swollen abdomen, it can be a sign of an accumulation of abnormal secretions in the body.

Wounds that do not heal
If your pet has wounds or sores that do not heal, it could be a sign of infection, skin disease, or even cancer.

Cancer is one of the diseases that cause weight loss in pets. If you notice that your pet is having a sudden loss of weight, it is necessary to have it checked.

Lack of appetite
This drastic change has a cause, and while it is not an indication of cancer, it is necessary to know that oral tumors cause difficulty or pain when eating or swallowing.

Difficulty breathing
Abnormal respiration or cough, are caused by lung diseases, heart and cancer. Cancer can spread through the lungs and cause shortness of breath.

If you notice that your pet sleeps more, or are unwell to go for a walk, it can be a sign of cancer. Once again, depression or lethargy are not exactly definitive symptoms for cancer, but an accumulation of these symptoms can harm your pet.

Change of habits
Changes in urinary or intestinal habits of your pet, such as difficulty going to the bathroom, or bathing frequently, blood in the urine or stool; They are possible signs of cancer.

If your pet limps or shows any obvious pain when walking, mail or jumping, plus we can associate it with arthritis or diseases of joints or muscles, it can also be a sign of cancer (especially bone cancer).

You must be aware of your pet and take it to the vet frequently to rule out and prevent diseases. Remember that your health depends on you and the care you give him.

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