Stress in Dogs-Reduce Stress in Dogs With Adaptil

Posted on April 27 2019

Stress in Dogs-Reduce Stress in Dogs With Adaptil-WOPET

Stress is very annoying. Especially if your dog suffers from it. Fortunately, Adaptil is there. Adaptil works on the basis of pheromones and reduces stress in dogs, but how does this work? In this article, I tell you everything about recognizing stress in dogs and how Adaptil works in these situations.


Dogs communicate mainly through their body language. You recognize stress in dogs with the following signals:

  • A lot of barking. For example when he is frustrated, locked up, for lack of exercise or for separation anxiety.
  • Tremble, vibrate, shiver.
  • Turmoil, hyperwaakzaamheid and restlessness.
  • Depress in the house. This can be an indication of anxiety disorder such as separation anxiety or sensitivity.


Stress in dogs can be prevented and treated by pheromones. Pheromones are volatile, chemical signals that are widely used for animal communication. When pheromones are released by an individual, these are observed by other individuals of the same breed and this influences their behavior.


The pheromones in the Adaptil products are a chemical copy of the reassuring dog pheromone. A mother dog produces this pheromone after the birth of her pups from her mammary glands. This pheromone is a comforting message that gives the puppies a strong sense of security while discovering the world and encountering all kinds of challenges. You can imagine that these pheromones have a positive influence on your dog’s behavior in a stressful situation.


Adaptil helps to control and prevent symptoms of anxiety and stress, both inside and outside the home, in dogs. Adaptil is available in four variants:


The  Adaptil Collar is easy and simple to use because it continuously releases a reassuring pheromone (even when the dog is outside). The body temperature of the dog and body contact warm the collar and promote the spread of pheromones in the vicinity. It is essential that the Adaptil Collar keeps body contact with the skin of the dog at all times.


Adaptil Spray helps to make travel and visits to the vet or grooming salon less stressful. It is an easy solution for temporary use, especially on the go.

adaptil stress in dogs


The Adaptil evaporator helps to keep the relationship with your dog (s) good, by creating a loving living environment for them and making your home a warm and safe home. Scientific studies have shown that the use of Adaptil helps to reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies that are exposed to challenging situations in the home.


Natural anxiety inhibitors, based on natural ingredients without pheromones, that can be used to help dogs relax during stressful events. The Adaptil tablets do not work narcotic and are available in boxes of 10 tablets. They can be used for short-term stress relief and can be administered at least two hours before the desired effect. It has been proven that the Adaptil Tablets quickly help to reduce signs of anxiety.

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