Successful cohabitation between adult dogs and puppies

Posted on October 19 2018

Successful cohabitation between adult dogs and puppies

In dogs, social relations are always based on a dominant-dominated relationship , even if the cohabitation is peaceful. Conversely, when the roommate goes wrong, psychological trauma inflicted by dogs are much more serious than a simple fight between 2 dogs who do not know each other.

The legacy of childhood: the cement of the relationship in the adult and the puppy

The first months of a dog's existence strongly influence the adult-puppy relationship. In fact, an adult dog with the ideal family pattern who was able to grow up with his 2 parents will be more able to calmly welcome a puppy.

A well-educated adult male who is used to meeting other congeners can also be a good educator with puppies. From time to time you may observe aggressive behavior . Do not be alarmed too quickly, it can be the adult who simply learns politeness to the young puppy. Puppies always come out unscathed from this kind of sudden attack .

On the other hand, intervene if you notice that the attack is prolonged or if your puppy shows physical traces. Adult females typically have a more unpredictable behavior as a male. Females have the ability to recognize a puppy who is their offspring and one who is not. According to their logic, a puppy must stay with his own mother, in which case she considers him an orphan and pays no attention to him. She can even consider orphaned puppies as rivals of her own children.

Males, for their part, are unable to recognize their own child as a complete stranger. This explains this difference in behavior. Indeed, males have a natural tendency to protect a puppy.

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