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Suitable outings for an older dog

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Posted on October 07 2018

All dogs do not age at the same age: in small breeds, dogs are considered aged from 10 years old. Those of medium breeds become seniors around age 9, while larger dogs arrive more quickly at this stage, around age 7.

Whatever their size, our old dogs must continue to enjoy their walks, but these must be adapted to their condition.

An irreversible and inseparable process of life, old age is accompanied by a variety of physical and mental upheavals , in dogs as in all living beings. Our four-legged friends must, too, face the annoyances carried by the weight of years. Their joints are damaged, their senses begin to decline, the energy is less and less present and the urge to move lessens day by day.

There is nothing more normal. Nevertheless, we must make sure that their last years on our side are lived in the greatest serenity . Our role is to improve the quality of life of our senior dogs so that they can live as long as possible and in the best conditions. Adapting their outings is part of these measures to soften their daily lives.

The importance of maintaining the outputs ...

Seeing his old dog lack of vitality and enthusiasm, we may tend to want to zap a few outings in order to leave him alone. If this is a benevolent intention, this decision is not the best one to take. While it is important to care for the senior dog, it is equally important to continue to give him the opportunity to walk around .

The daily walks allow, indeed, to stimulate it both physically and psychically. They help prevent overweight , a phenomenon that can only worsen his health by soliciting more joints and body in general, keep his senses - weakened - awake and prevent him from moping alone in his corner at the House. Moreover, the outings are as many moments of complicity between the dog and his master whose animal must not be deprived.

... but also to adapt to his age

Depending on the health of the dog, it is possible to shorten the outputs and make them more frequent . For example, instead of taking it out once a day for an hour, it can be done 2 or 3 times a day by sharing the duration (30 or 20 minutes).

We must also take into account the medical peculiarities of his advanced age (osteoarthritis, heart failure, breathing difficulties, deafness, loss of vision, etc.) and adjust the course accordingly. We can then focus on flat terrain and those with the least possible obstacles.

Do not forget to protect the dog during the days when the weather is unclear: cover it if it is very cold, avoid the hours of strong sunshine in summer.

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