Take care of your dog's paws

Posted on October 08 2018

Take care of your dog's paws

Taking good care of the paws of our dogs is an important phase in the maintenance and well-being of our companions. This regular care allows them to walk, jump and run normally. In short, to lead a real dog life.

In almost permanent contact with the ground, evolving on all kinds of surfaces from the smoothest to the most rugged, the feet of our dogs are particularly exposed to injuries . To continue to fully play their role, which is to ensure the stability and movement of the animal, it is essential that they are in the best possible state, especially in the pads . It's up to us, the owners, to look after the legs of our doggies so that they are always impeccable , whatever their way of life.

Preventing sores

The first prevention measure concerning the care of the feet of our dogs consists in systematically examining these latter after each exit . This gesture must be a real reflex. Whether they have been walking in the street, in the forest, in the countryside or on the beach , whatever the climatic conditions and the nature of the terrain, we must always make sure that their pads are in good condition on return to the House. It may be that a tiny pebble or a small piece of glass has lodged there. Removing the item in time avoids complications and infections , not to mention the pain felt by the animal.

It is also important to observe the dog's gait , especially after an intense effort: check that he does not start hobbling , for example, which could be a sign of injury. If this is the case, and while the possible injury is not apparent, the dog may tend to lick his paw. Signs of injury may also appear minutes or hours after the injury. It is therefore important to remain attentive to the animal's approach after the activities supported.

During the summer season and after the beach, it is important to ensure that the dog's feet and pads have been properly rinsed with clean water , as sea water, heat and sand can damage them. It is equally important to protect your paws from cold weather in winter. After walks, cleaning and drying the dog's limbs helps prevent frostbite and snow injury, such as cracking.

It is also necessary to think to cut the claws of your dog . If they are too long , the dog can simply get hurt while walking or running.

How to cure him in case of injury?

If the dog has cut at the paw, it will react depending on the severity of the injury. If it is light , first clean the wound, remove all debris from it and disinfect it . Rather than using alcohol (do not forget that the skin of dogs is more sensitive than ours), it is strongly recommended to use hydrogen peroxide or an iodized solution to carry out the disinfection.

For the application of the product, the compresses will be preferred to the pieces of cotton, because these can leave particles on the wound. Once the wound is cleaned and disinfected, a dressing can be changed every day until complete healing.

If the wound is deep , you must take your dog as soon as possible to the veterinarian. He has the necessary equipment and experience to provide adequate care, possibly stitches.

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